INTERVIEW: Megan Munroe One More Broken String

Twenty Five year old Megan Munroe has been singing and writing since a young age. She claims to be the child who always had her head in the clouds and dirt in her hair. Because of her early years, you can hear the unique lyrics and unusual melodies that are fresh and unjaded.

One More Broken String is Megan’s first national release, co-writing eleven songs with Brian Oaks, with the exception of “Belle Meade” which she wrote herself. I had the opportunity to visit with Megan and we discussed the making of her first CD project, her past and her goals for the future.

Bev: Great to visit with you Megan, I know this CD is about to be launched nationwide next week, describe to me your feelings on the culmination of all you have put into this and your expectations.

Megan: To be honest this has been such a ramp-up process all along with all the recording sessions, writing, playing, and now the promotion end of interviews and so on that I feel inundated, but I am so excited. I am prepared. I am really the most excited about playing the new songs live in Nashville and that to me will be the ultimate culmination.

Bev: What was your favorite part of the experience in recording the CD?

Megan: I did not record in Nashville, but chose a small intimate studio in Arkansas out on the river and it was nice to get away from everything and be alone to concentrate on the project and focus 100%. The phase I am in now with all of these interviews and getting out there promoting the CD is so exciting, so I am enjoying this too.

Bev: What are you hearing most about the CD?

Megan: I am getting a positive feedback for the most part, but I have also received some that was not really negative, but constructive criticism in a way. Nothing has been awful. I love hearing the good, but I appreciate the others too because for me to even think people are taking their time to listen to my songs means so much, but to offer support and direction for growth adds balance to everything.

Bev: When you first came to Nashville to live, what was one thing that you were most surprised about?

Megan: Honestly it was the amazing talent and how difficult it would be to get work. In the past I always worked part time and played in my band part time and it paid the bills and the band. Now, I am working full time and pursuing my music full time, one separate from the other so it has been hard, but so worth it.

Bev: You have co-written this CD with Brian Oaks, do you co-write with other songwriters as well?

Megan: I do write with other people too. This entire project was written in Seattle prior to me moving here, so I had not been exposed to a lot of other songwriters. Now that I am here, I have met others and am collaborating on songs and co-writing.

Bev: I understand you left home at 17 to pursue an acting career in California, and you had success appearing in commercials and WB network television show “Everwood” as well as some films. How did that experience help you prepare for the music career?

Megan: It goes back further actually, because before I got to California I was auditioning and putting myself out there so the acting prepared me for all the judging and helping me identify who I am, my strengths and weakBoldnesses. I used to take it all so personally, but you have to separate yourself from the person you are every day and the entertainer, regardless if it is an artist performing on stage or an actress in a film or commercial shoot.

Bev: You have three songs that you have been recorded by other artists and also used in films; do you enjoy seeing that aspect of being in the music business as much as you do performing your own songs?

Megan: It is unique for me to have this experience; I have entirely different feelings when I hear my songs being sung by someone else. It is still exciting and a rush, but to hear my own voice on the radio and singing my songs gives me so much more pride, it is hard to explain.

Bev: Since moving to Nashville, you have been very busy. Besides the songwriting and recording, you also continue to model and act and also design book covers – can you tell me about some of this side of you?

Megan: I work for a publishing company downtown so I am in a creative environment all the time where I get to design covers, I also paint and am entering an art show soon for unsigned artists, so I enjoy a lot of outlets that keep my mind working different ways to express my feelings.

Bev: I know you get some of your best song ideas while running; do you take a recorder with you so you remember them when you are done or does the idea stick and you work through an idea while you run?

Megan: I am a very visual person. When I write songs I see the whole thing more like a movie in my head, so when I get an idea, I tend to create scenes or the song in that fashion as I run and when I get back home I re-play and re-wind my thoughts and write it out on paper to create the song and music.

Bev: What are your goals and dreams now that you have this first big project out of the way?

Megan: I really want to secure a publishing deal for one thing, and of course a family is in the future. I have been married for a couple years now and I eventually want to balance the music and a family. I hope to be progressive with my music and venture into other genres as well. And this is way out there, but I would love to open my own vineyard someday and have a music listening room there.

Bev: As you promote this CD, what are the fan favorites and which song requests do you receive most from the fans and audience?

Megan: Every song has someone who connects to it. Whenever I play the album in its entirety, I get stories from the people afterward who relate to the songs. I enjoy hearing the reactions and I love the feedback, because sometimes they surprise me and interpret the song entirely different than how I wrote it and it makes me realize how a song can impact individuals. I honestly can say there is not just one song I hear requests for all the time, which makes me feel like the entire project is good.

Bev: Is there anyone you have on your list of performers you want to share a stage with and possibly do a duet with?

Megan: There are so many people. Dolly Parton is one person I am still star struck by, so I will say she is one person I dream of working with and would be a lifetime experience.

Bev: On the same train of thought, is there any venue or stage that you want to perform on that you have not yet?

Megan: The Ryman Auditorium tops the list with no question, and the Grand Ole Opry stage. I also would love to perform in New York at the Radio City Music Hall.

Bev: When you look back at this experience, was it what you thought it would be or did it change as it took form?

Megan: Ohhhhh this is a great question. When I dreamed of all this as I worked a day job I hated, I had no idea the outcome. I have found myself reflecting more and more on my life lately as I write and I have realized the dream is more the journey than what I am achieving. Every part of reaching the destination has been a challenge, but it has defined me and formed me into the person I am. I feel like I am definitely on the right path and I try and make the most of every opportunity and learn from every experience. So yes, it changes all the time.

Bev: Is there anything that you want to share with people about this CD project I have not covered?

Megan: This is one of those records that has a group of songs that truly is a foundation that expresses who I am. I am very pleased with how they turned out and I hope everyone can enjoy them and hopefully relate to them too.

Bev: Megan, I have really enjoyed this time and getting to know more about you, and want to say that this CD is an wonderful piece of work. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Megan: Thanks so much, I appreciate you taking your time to visit with me.

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