REVIEW: Trailer Gate 2009 Trailer Choir throws a party!

Butter, Big Vinny and Crystal, more commonly known as Trailer Choir, are one of the best up and coming vocal groups to emerge onto the music scene and a group of fun loving people who love to enjoy life. And speaking of fun, TRAILER GATE 2009 took over 12th & Porter on Wednesday, April 29th. Emulating a tailgating party, the crowd embraced the event wholeheartedly. Scanning the crowd a couple familiar faces could be spotted joining in on the fun. Marcel Chignon had his movie camera there to capture the moments, and Stephan Cochran was mingling amongst the crowd and Stacy Collins was on hand with her harmonica to jam with the band later in the night.

On the sidewalk just outside the front door, Buffalo Bill Wild Dogs were served up in true Trailer Choir style by a redneck cowboy with a straw cowboy hat who kept the crowd laughing with his off the wall comments and bursts of loud commentary. Bean bags were tossed in friendly competition as friends and fans gathered to celebrate the inaugural event. A Forrest Gump look-a-like (Paul Denglar) worked the crowd dressed from head to toe as the popular movie character, complete with his old battered suitcase and a box of chocolates. Inside, the party warmed up with cold beverages and live music complete with a stage decorated with straw bales and tire swings hanging from the rafters.

Billy Block took to the stage as emcee to welcome and thank everyone as Ken Johnson opened the night and got the crowd to move the party inside with his music and songs, including performances of “Flyin’ Without Angels” and “Parallel Lines”.

If you have ever seen Trailer Choir perform, you know you are in for a good time of great music, fun lyrics and entertainment all wrapped together. Trailer Gate 2009 was no exception. Big Vinny danced to loud cheers and endless encouragement by the crowd, and was joined by “Forrest Gump” at a couple times during the show adding to the excitement. They have become known to sing about real life, having fun and enjoying each and every moment through songs like “Off The Hillbilly Hook”, “Rollin’ Thru The Sunshine” and the party anthem "Rockin' The Beer Gut".

There is another side to the group besides fun, there is an amazing talent in their writing and their ability to harmonize is incredible. They took a moment to quiet the crowd and show news reel clips from the Sago, West Virginia mine collapse that claimed the lives of 12 miners. They explained that in the following days of recovery, it was discovered that a few of the men were able to write and leave a couple short notes to their loved ones. It was this story that inspired them to write their newest song, "What Would You Say", a song about living life to the fullest; a song about living your life with no regrets and making the most out of every chance you have to be with the people you love and know.

Looking at the group’s bio on their website is a quote stating, "It's as real as life gets," Big Vinny continues with... "Sometimes you need to remember what's really important. And that's what Trailer Choir is all about." I would say, from the experience at Trailer Gate 2009, life is going to get even better for this group!

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Jason Michael Carroll's Grand Entrance At Walmart

Jason Michael Carroll made a grand entrance at WalMart in Lebanon TN on Tuesday April 28th as he arrived in a helicopter, along with Big D and Bubba from WSIX radio.

Jason graciously honored requests for interviews and shook hands with his fans as he emerged from the helicopter deemed the HELLOcopter by the team from the Big 98.

Welcomed by dedicated fans from all over (including a couple from IL who greeted him with a huge banner with his CD Title on it), he celebrated and performed songs from his brand new album, Growing Up Is Getting Old, including “Where I’m From” and “Happened on a Saturday Night (Suzie Q)”. Both of these songs are from his sophomore album which hit store shelves Tuesday. He also sang some of his previous hits from a full stage complete with stage lights to a crowd in the parking lot of Walmart.

Commenting he does this five or six times a week, he joked with the crowd about what a great experience it was to arrive as he did. After the concert, he made his way inside WalMart where he autographed copies of the new CD for the fans.


Daryle Singletary is living his dream, and has been since a very young age when he began performing for school and church functions. With his upcoming release of ROCKIN’ THE COUNTRY he is busy promoting the new project and enjoying the music as much now as ever.

The new cd is true traditional country, with a little help from some friends like Rhonda Vincent and Charlie Daniels. He sings about life, love and death and a little bit of everything in between that you would expect to find on a country album. Daryle and I took a break from his schedule to visit about his music and the new CD.

Bev: I have the new project in my CD player and have to tell you that your fans will love this one. Congratulations. How does it feel to be in this phase of releasing it and as you promote it?

Daryle: It is awesome. It has been awhile since I have had a CD with all new songs and no remakes on it. I am still at the point where I am flattered and thankful to be in this business. To make records and knowing how tough it is to be a traditional country singer and to be able to do this after fourteen years I am very thankful.

Bev: I know you took your time with this project, can you elaborate on this a little?

Daryle: We actually had this record done in 2004 and I was a victim of my record label closing down and packing up. We had already started the promotion process and were ready to release it so it sat on the proverbial famous shelf and sat there. I did some other work in between and built up some funds to buy this project from the label, and trust me it took some begging and pleading to let it sit there this long. They wanted to do digital releases of songs from the CD, but I really wanted to be able to promote it as a whole project. We finally agreed on a price, and decided to do replace two re-makes and here we are.

Bev: When you originally started on this project, did you have a game plan on the overall sound or do you prefer to let things take shape as they go?

Daryle: I never try and do a theme, I look for good country music and songs that I love. Hopefully the public will enjoy it as well.

Bev: Did you write any of the songs on this CD?

Daryle: I wrote one with Billy Lawson, “She’s A Woman”. It is about a new girl he had been dating at the time and we were talking about the things women do and think compared to how men do.

Bev: Have you picked out your favorite on this project?

Daryle: “She Looks Good In Black” is one of my favorites, but they are all good. This particular story comes from a man who has passed on and is telling the story from his casket, so it is different.

Bev: You have a couple guest artists on the project, Rhonda Vincent and legendary fiddler Charlie Daniels, how did this come about?

Daryle: Rhonda and I have been doing things together for years. She did background for me on some of my past work and we did a couple duets together. We just sing well together, so it was awesome to have her participate on this project as well. Charlie Daniels we had sent the tracks and asked him to add some fiddle, but when we got it back, he also had sang some too to we were very blessed to have him on the CD.

Bev: I know your childhood dreams were to be here in Nashville and become a Country Star, how much of the dream is still with you, or has it changed over the course of time?

Daryle: I believe all of it is still a dream. I have been very fortunate to do this for a living, it is a dream in itself.

Bev: As you prepare to put your seventh project on the shelf, what constants did you try and incorporate into it to make it stand out and be a Daryle Singletary album?

Daryle: I moved to Nashville in 1990 to be a traditional country singer after growing up listening to George Jones, Merle Haggard, Randy Travis and Keith Whitley. I think I am more who I am than something I try to, or set out to do. People who know me, know this is where I come from and don’t ask me to change or compromise.

Bev: You have been on stage and performing since a young age. Do you get the same rush of excitement you did then or has it become more comfortable over time?

Daryle: I think it is different. I remember singing to girls in high school and thinking this is it. Today the excitement is still there, but in a more appreciative way. I still get butterflies when I play at the Opry.

Bev: During the productive and creative part of creating this CD, what is your favorite part?

Daryle: When it is in the plastic and on the shelf. That is my favorite part. (laughing) I enjoy all of the aspects really. It starts with a demo and then you get the great musicians and you create a baby out of all this, it is really a cool transition from beginning to end and I like the whole span. It is all a part of the dream. I will be honest, this part of interviewing and all is not something I would do all the time, but it is still fun.

Bev: If you had your choice on how to promote the music, what would you choose?

Daryle: Playing it live. If I could get out to the masses and play live, that would be ideal. I play for free – they pay me to ride up and down the road in a bus. I am a fan of the music , so to play and see people react, that is what it is all about. So if I could promote it in that fashion alone, I would be all over it.

Bev: What are your feelings and thoughts as an artist on the digital exposure so widespread today, like you-tube for example?

Daryle: I think people who may not know who Daryle Singletary is might just stumble across something and like it. Everything is word oriented when doing a search, so the exposure is wonderful. People who type in a phrase like “too much fun” or something and they will be introduced to me. I do not approve of the illegal downloads of course, but promotion is promotion so hopefully it does good for an artist when people post clips like that.

Bev: Any plans for videos off of this project?

Daryle: We have talked about some opportunities for videos. There are a lot of cool things to work with, so we have some ideas.

Bev: As an artist you are often asked to support and participate in special events and fund raisers; is there any particular one so far that sticks in your mind?

Daryle: Definitely. I went to St. Judes Hospital in Memphis and the thing that sticks in my mind is when I went into the Chapel and the children all write out their prayer requests. I read through some of them and not a one was about themselves. Each request was asking for strength or for something for a friend, a parent or sibling.

Bev: You have had opportunities to be on stage with some of the industries biggest names and finest artists, anybody that is your favorite?

Daryle: I had the opportunity to play with George Jones in the late 90’s and he always asked me to do “Rockin’ Chair” with him and that was very special to me. I also was on the Workin’ Man’s Tribute to Merle Haggard on the Ryman stage so to be there with him and his band was a time I will never forget.

Bev: Do you enjoy singing songs by others or would you prefer to sing your own and create a legendary song of your own?

Daryle: I think there is a time and place for both. I am not scared to sing something another artist has cut, and I do not try and re-create it and make it better. I do like knowing there are songs out there that always make fans identify with you too.

Bev: Standard interview question for you, if you could only choose one person to perform with who would you choose?

Daryle: Keith Whitley. I am a huge fan of his music. In 1986 both Randy Travis and Keith Whitley were performing at the State Fair, but my parents said I had to choose one or the other. I chose Randy, but hindsight being 20/20 and not knowing his fate, I wish I could have seen him perform. I would love to have been able to sing with him.

Bev: Similar question, but if you had your choice to only perform live in front of an audience or do studio work, which would you choose?

Daryle: Hands down, perform live. I love the interaction. You get crowd response and feedback right there. There is nothing that compares with that feeling.

Bev: I know Toyota is sponsoring you, do you have any big things in the works with them you can share?

Daryle: We are working on some races and doing some promotional events around the country. It is all still in the works, but yeah there is some things in the pipes.

Bev: When comparing things you like or don’t like about being an artist, what do you enjoy most and what do you not enjoy the most?

Daryle: I love singing live on stage. I dislike the traveling and being away from my family.

Bev: Anything you recall as being the most embarrassing thing to happen to you on stage?

Daryle: Just recently actually. My wife and I just moved back to Georgia and the pastor asked me to sing at the revival. Well I got up in front of God and everybody and I started “Amen Kind Of Love” which was a top five single for me, and I forgot the words to the second verse. I have sung this song for ten years, and I was drawing a complete blank. It was me and guitar, I had no one to help me. It was terrible. Then a few weeks after, my friend through Toyota asked me to sing the same song at his daughters wedding as people were leaving the ceremony. Believe it or not, the same thing happened. I got to the second verse and was lost. This time I just played until I got to the chorus and then finished up.

Bev: Daryle, I want to thank you for this time, I have enjoyed the CD and this time together. I wish you much success. Is there anything you wanted to add that I did not ask you?

Daryle: This is simply music we enjoy and I hope the fans will too. It is a traditional sound and we are excited to finally see the light of day with this project. Thank you very much for your time too, I could not do it without people like you.

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REVIEW: Nashville4Africa Benefit Concert

I am invited to attend and review many genres of music performances, but on April 22nd at the inaugural Nashville4Africa benefit concert held at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center was one of the most heart warming and emotional experiences I have had in a very long time. In a very non-traditional concert style, songs were performed in a relaxed and easy style. The African Children’s Choir joined many of the special guests on stage in their colorful attire to sing along and entertain the crowd with traditional African dances and song. The evening culminated with a sing-a-long led by all the entertainers, but the emotional high was listening to the young children sing “Jesus Loves The Little Children”, “He’s Got The Whole World (In His Hands)”, “Jesus Loves Me” and “It’s A Small World”.

Artists from the many circles in the music industry joined together to bring the critically acclaimed African Children’s Choir to Nashville for a benefit to raise money for charitable causes in Africa, specifically in Uganda and the war-torn country of Sudan. Hosted by Big Kenny (of Big & Rich) and Damien Horne, the music event also included performances by Keith Urban, Faith Hill, Dierks Bentley, Brad Arnold (3 Doors Down), Ashley Cleveland, The SteelDrivers, Jars of Clay, Brandon Young and Third Day. The most touching moments of the show were during the performances by the African Children’s Choir who have performed with Wyclef, John Legend, Paul McCartney and many others.

Kenny Alphin and his wife Christiev will continue their humanitarian missions in Sudan through the Love Everybody Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, a charitable organization benefiting from this event. Through this foundation they have already helped start a medical clinic, build a school for girls, and will soon transport much-needed medical and educational supplies to Sudanese villages. A portion of the event’s proceeds will also help build a new school in Uganda for the African Children’s Choir, which cares for and fosters thousands of underprivileged children throughout Africa.
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For sponsorship opportunities please call (615) 300-1474

ARTICLE: One Revolution Entertainment Kick Off Party

A rooftop party at the ICON in the Gulch, downtown Nashville, was the place to be on Tuesday April 21st as One Revolution Entertainment (ORE) celebrated their kickoff event. Prior to the celebration, a showcase in conjunction with the Nashville Film Festival with the musical talent of Nathan Lee and Rob Blackledge was held at 12th and Porter. In attendance you could find Doug Crider, Suzy Bogguss, Charlie Monk, members of Love and Theft, Rob Blackledge, Nathan Lee, Sam and Lynn Bush among many more recognizable faces in Nashville.

One Revolution Entertainment is a collaborative effort spearheaded by Dean Miller and Iris Thompson who are setting out to change the traditional concept of the entertainment business. ORE plans to act as a multimedia entertainment distribution outlet that will include film and television production, artist management and development as well as publishing.

Dean Miller has been in the industry all his life, as his father is country legend Roger Miller. He has been on several major labels including Universal South, MCA, Capitol and Koch as a songwriter and artist and recently worked with Iris Thompson on a television production venture, where the concept for ORE was born. Dean was the creative director at Bluewater Music, New Millennium Music and a staff writer for Sony and Universal Music.

The idea of change in our society and the ability to grow and change with the demands forces those in the music and entertainment industry to turn a critical eye to conventional thinking. ORE will focus on new concepts in integrated marketing techniques along with fan and artist relationship management. Both Miller and Thompson are willing to face these ever changing challenges and take the risks to create and facilitate a successful multimedia entertainment distribution outlet.

Some of the work already in progress is teaming up with established industry and entertainment executives who bring their past experience and knowledge to combine with the goals and vision of ORE. A relationship has been forged with Two Horns Entertainment Group (Bill Kunkel and Doug Metzger) that currently has several major film and TV projects in development, as well as over 30 years of experience to advise and provide consultation in creating broadcast content and discovering avenues for distribution. Wayne Leeloy, founder and consultant for Foundation Music Group will provide guidance in artist and brand development as well as his expertise in marketing strategy.

One Revolution Entertainment is dedicated to build relationships and collaborate to find new ways to expose their artists’ music to the industry and the fans.

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(Left: Nathan Lee and Rob Blackledge pose for a photo during the party)

ARTICLE: Opry Originals Ribbon Cutting

Downtown Nashville has added a new retail store which combines a flair of country music history with the new contemporary lifestyles of the visitors to the honky tonk district with OPRY ORIGINALS: The Shop on Broadway. On April 20th a star studded celebration took place during the Grand Opening and ribbon cutting ceremony.

The customary ribbon was replaced with a custom designed rhinestone-studded ribbon created and designed by Manny Cuevas, son of Manuel, clothier to the stars. Grand Ole Opry member, Little Jimmy Dickens held the honor of cutting the ribbon, assisted by Mayor Karl Dean. Other dignitaries on hand at the event to mark the official opening of Opry Originals were Gaylord Entertainment’s Colin Reed and Steve Buchanan as well as Ralph Schulz; President of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce.
(Photo Above: L - R Manny Cuevas, Little Jimmy Dickens and Manuel)

Opry Originals: The Shop On Broadway is located at 300 Broadway in the heart of downtown. Items to be included will celebrate the Opry lifestyle with a custom designed clothing line by Manny Cuevas and his father Manuel. Visitors to the store will also be able to find special gifts, local artist items, Opry Country kitchen line of food products, as well as dinnerware and home furnishings, along with many of the souvenier items found at the original Grand Ole Opry Shop.

Nashville is known as Music City, and a store with an association with the Grand Ole Opry would not be complete without including artist in-store appearances and opportunities for book and record signings. Grand Opening week book included signings by author Kay West, and famed photographer Jim McGuire and also featured in-store appearances by Point of Grace, Manny Cuevas and Lorrie Morgan.

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Songs For A Cure had its BEST NIGHT YET at The Listening Room at Cummins Station in Nashville on Tuesday April 14th. The purpose of the event is to raise funds by putting on shows in the fight against cancer and to create awareness that others are available to reach out into the community by visiting hospitals, individuals and being a friend to those in need of a shoulder when going through this difficult time. Key organizers are forming a "Cancer Support Group" and more information will be available very soon. The purpose is for those who have had their lives turned upside down to have a place to turn to. The focus is "hope and healing" where people can share, make new friends and be inspired.

Those who planned this touching event encourage survivors as well as those who are currently in treatment to attend the shows. The Spring Bash was honored to have many of them as guests at the show and among these special people were two who stood out at this particular show. “Melvin” and “Jennifer” who are presently diagnosed with cancer, but continue to fight and greet each new day and every new friend with a smile.

(Above: L – R Aaron Benward, Brady Seals, Melvin, Jennifer and Brian McComas)

Funds are raised by donations at the door and sales of a special CD called "SONGS OF HOPE,STORIES OF COURAGE" which is available for purchase at All proceeds from these efforts go to The American Cancer Society Relay For Life. A special guitar autographed by each of the artists who participated was given away at the end of the evening and won by Eddie Heinzleman.

The Spring Bash Concert was honored to have such everyone graciously join together and share their time and gifts of song. Artists and song writers included the amazing talents of Andy Hackbarth, Anthony Skinner, Brady Seals, Jamie White ,Brian Desveaux, Lisa Carrie, Alex Call,Matt Gary, Cory Batten, Kent Blazy, Brian McComas, Ashley Hewitt, Dean Sams, Aaron Benward, Buddy Jewell and Joshua Bales.

Plans are already under way for the next event, which is planned for July. Anyone who wants more information on this event or has questions on how they can help or is looking for support can visit SONGS FOR THE CURE is about giving hope and changing lives one song at a time. Photos of the Spring Bash Event can be viewed at

ARTICLE: River Run Recording Artist Plays Private Show at 12th & Porter

12th & Porter was home on Monday April 13th, to a very special full band performance hosted by River Run Recording artist Charlie Allen, a Tennessee native who has been around the music business all his life. At a very young age he was opening and working with acts that are now country legends; artists such as Loretta Lynn, Jerry Lee Lewis, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams Jr.

Allen took advantage of the elbow to elbow filled room performing songs off his current CD, “That Was Then, This Is Now”. His opening song, "Can't Take Him Out Of Me", is a song about the current political issues concerning the separation of religion from our daily lives and traditions many of us are not willing to change. "I Did This To Me", "Everything But Me" and "See If I Care" bring out the emotional and personal side of Charlie Allen, singing about life, love and relationships gone awry. A resident of Manchester and performer for the Bonnaroo Music Festival in June, he has dedicated a song titled “Bonnaroo” to the event. His finale was a song titled "Grandpa's Recipe", which takes us all back to the basics of treating each other with respect and getting back to the important issues of life.

Some of the industry guests at the performance included Henry Paul (The Outlaws, Blackhawk) who produced the song "Grandpa's Recipe", Tony Conway; Buddy Lee Attractions, Clif Doyal, CDA Promotions-Nashville, Jeff and Jon Walker of AristoMedia, Mike Kraski; Tenacity Management & Consulting, Preston Sullivan and Ramona Simmons; Global Eyes Entertainment, Pat Geary and Barry O'Neill; Voice of Country, Neil Spielberg; Speilberg Consulting, Brian G. White and Steve Dean (song-writers and co-producers of That Was Then, This Is Now) and Tony Stampley singer/songwriter.

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ARTICLE: Miley Mania in Green Hills!

The skies may have been quiet on the beautiful Tennessee evening on Thursday night April 9th, but it was far from calm and quiet in the Mall of Green Hills as Miley Mania took over. Davis Kidd bookstore held a special book signing and immediately following The Regal Green Hills Theatre was home to the red carpet premiere of “Hannah Montana: The Movie”. Screaming fans of all ages lined the surrounding walkway as well as two layers of the parking garage above the tent and red carpet as Miley Cyrus, her father Billy Ray Cyrus, movie and tv co-stars, movie director,Peter Chelsom; the Mayor of Nashville and his family and a stellar line-up of Nashville country artists and their families arrived for the movie which was filmed in part in and around Nashville.

Included on the guest list and walking the red carpet for the private showing were Martina and John McBride with their daughters and friends, Amy Grant brought her daughter, Phil Vassar had his two girls with him, Sara Evans and her husband, Jay Barker, brought all of their children, Big Kenny and Christiev Alphin were there with the boys, Clint Black with Lisa Hartman Black and girls, Jeffrey Steele, Marcel and Jessica Andrews along with many other special guests.
There was the expected screaming and cheering for the star of the movie, Miley Cyrus and her superstar dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, but, the crowd also went crazy for country sensation Taylor Swift, who took time to pose for photos and sign autographs. Co-stars on the Hannah Montana television show, Jason Earles, who plays Jackson Rod Stewart and Mitchel Musso, who portrays Oliver Oscar Oken, or better known as “Triple O” garnered plenty of crowd noise from the young crowd and took a moment or two to pose with some of the young fans.
“Hanah Montana: The Movie” opens in theatres nationwide today. For more information on the movie visit and for exclusive Digital Rodeo photos of the red carpet event, visit

ARTICLE: Tin Pan South A Week To Remember!

( In photo L - R Leigh Nash [Sixpence Non The Richer], Megan Kabir, Emerson Hart [Matchbox 20],
Luke Laird and Grammy winner, Michael McDonald )

When you think of Music City, you naturally think of Nashville Tennessee, home of country music and your minds conjures up images of your favorite artists and the songs that made them famous. What you might not think of is the person who wrote the song, the song writer who puts to words our biggest fears, our dreams and captures our everyday thoughts and feelings and puts them to music.

For seventeen years, NSAI has been bringing song writers together at the annual Tin Pan South Song Writers Festival. The history of Tin Pan South originates when a group of songwriters got together to promote the occupation of songwriting through a music festival that would focus on the people who write the songs. Recognizing Nashville as the “new” Tin Pan Alley, like the New York scene at the early part of the 20th century, these modern-day troubadours were seeking to bring attention to the new center of song: Music City. The festival was named Tin Pan South to recognize the past and to celebrate the future. This year over 300 song writers, music from many genres including country, americana to jazz to pop-infused country and rock gathered in nine different venues to intimately share the stories behind the songs, to sing some favorites that never were cut and to give listeners a sneak listen to the new tunes. There is something for everyone and those who attend the shows always go home with a couple more favorite songs or a renewed love of an old tune they were reminded of; as well as a new appreciation and love for the writers themselves. Of course you expect to have all your favorite country writers, but you also get writers like Bethany Joy Galeotti of One Tree Hill, Hanson, the young band that made “MMMBop a tune you cannot get out of your head, Grammy winners like Michael McDonald, former band members of Sixpence Non The Richer and Matchbox 20. The list goes on and on and on.

As a bonus to the amazing and talented song writers on the schedule, show attendees are often treated to a surprise guest. You never know who might have snuck in and is sitting in the shadows listening for their next big hit to record, or who perhaps co-wrote a song with one of the writers, or maybe they were the artist who you heard on the radio. Michael Peterson, James Slater, Vince Gill, Jim Femino and Jonny Lang were just a few of the many surprise guests who took to the stage and sang a song or two.

Produced by the Nashville Songwriters Association International, the festival is a legislative fundraiser in support of NSAI’s efforts in Congress. Along with raising money for NSAI’s legislative efforts, Tin Pan South underscores the rich cultural heritage of Tennessee and draws attention to the wide variety of songwriters who live and work here today.

Over the past 17 years, the festival has featured writers such as Shawn Colvin, Art Garfunkel, Rodney Crowell, Townes Van Zandt, Garth Brooks, Jimmy Webb, Dierks Bentley, Gordon Lightfoot, Donna Summer, Melissa Manchester, Loretta Lynn, America, Carole King, Butch Walker, Lisa Loeb and Kenny Loggins – just to name a handful. If you missed Tin Pan South this year, plan on attending next year!

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