ARTICLE: River Run Recording Artist Plays Private Show at 12th & Porter

12th & Porter was home on Monday April 13th, to a very special full band performance hosted by River Run Recording artist Charlie Allen, a Tennessee native who has been around the music business all his life. At a very young age he was opening and working with acts that are now country legends; artists such as Loretta Lynn, Jerry Lee Lewis, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams Jr.

Allen took advantage of the elbow to elbow filled room performing songs off his current CD, “That Was Then, This Is Now”. His opening song, "Can't Take Him Out Of Me", is a song about the current political issues concerning the separation of religion from our daily lives and traditions many of us are not willing to change. "I Did This To Me", "Everything But Me" and "See If I Care" bring out the emotional and personal side of Charlie Allen, singing about life, love and relationships gone awry. A resident of Manchester and performer for the Bonnaroo Music Festival in June, he has dedicated a song titled “Bonnaroo” to the event. His finale was a song titled "Grandpa's Recipe", which takes us all back to the basics of treating each other with respect and getting back to the important issues of life.

Some of the industry guests at the performance included Henry Paul (The Outlaws, Blackhawk) who produced the song "Grandpa's Recipe", Tony Conway; Buddy Lee Attractions, Clif Doyal, CDA Promotions-Nashville, Jeff and Jon Walker of AristoMedia, Mike Kraski; Tenacity Management & Consulting, Preston Sullivan and Ramona Simmons; Global Eyes Entertainment, Pat Geary and Barry O'Neill; Voice of Country, Neil Spielberg; Speilberg Consulting, Brian G. White and Steve Dean (song-writers and co-producers of That Was Then, This Is Now) and Tony Stampley singer/songwriter.

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