REVIEW: Trailer Gate 2009 Trailer Choir throws a party!

Butter, Big Vinny and Crystal, more commonly known as Trailer Choir, are one of the best up and coming vocal groups to emerge onto the music scene and a group of fun loving people who love to enjoy life. And speaking of fun, TRAILER GATE 2009 took over 12th & Porter on Wednesday, April 29th. Emulating a tailgating party, the crowd embraced the event wholeheartedly. Scanning the crowd a couple familiar faces could be spotted joining in on the fun. Marcel Chignon had his movie camera there to capture the moments, and Stephan Cochran was mingling amongst the crowd and Stacy Collins was on hand with her harmonica to jam with the band later in the night.

On the sidewalk just outside the front door, Buffalo Bill Wild Dogs were served up in true Trailer Choir style by a redneck cowboy with a straw cowboy hat who kept the crowd laughing with his off the wall comments and bursts of loud commentary. Bean bags were tossed in friendly competition as friends and fans gathered to celebrate the inaugural event. A Forrest Gump look-a-like (Paul Denglar) worked the crowd dressed from head to toe as the popular movie character, complete with his old battered suitcase and a box of chocolates. Inside, the party warmed up with cold beverages and live music complete with a stage decorated with straw bales and tire swings hanging from the rafters.

Billy Block took to the stage as emcee to welcome and thank everyone as Ken Johnson opened the night and got the crowd to move the party inside with his music and songs, including performances of “Flyin’ Without Angels” and “Parallel Lines”.

If you have ever seen Trailer Choir perform, you know you are in for a good time of great music, fun lyrics and entertainment all wrapped together. Trailer Gate 2009 was no exception. Big Vinny danced to loud cheers and endless encouragement by the crowd, and was joined by “Forrest Gump” at a couple times during the show adding to the excitement. They have become known to sing about real life, having fun and enjoying each and every moment through songs like “Off The Hillbilly Hook”, “Rollin’ Thru The Sunshine” and the party anthem "Rockin' The Beer Gut".

There is another side to the group besides fun, there is an amazing talent in their writing and their ability to harmonize is incredible. They took a moment to quiet the crowd and show news reel clips from the Sago, West Virginia mine collapse that claimed the lives of 12 miners. They explained that in the following days of recovery, it was discovered that a few of the men were able to write and leave a couple short notes to their loved ones. It was this story that inspired them to write their newest song, "What Would You Say", a song about living life to the fullest; a song about living your life with no regrets and making the most out of every chance you have to be with the people you love and know.

Looking at the group’s bio on their website is a quote stating, "It's as real as life gets," Big Vinny continues with... "Sometimes you need to remember what's really important. And that's what Trailer Choir is all about." I would say, from the experience at Trailer Gate 2009, life is going to get even better for this group!

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