Jason Michael Carroll's Grand Entrance At Walmart

Jason Michael Carroll made a grand entrance at WalMart in Lebanon TN on Tuesday April 28th as he arrived in a helicopter, along with Big D and Bubba from WSIX radio.

Jason graciously honored requests for interviews and shook hands with his fans as he emerged from the helicopter deemed the HELLOcopter by the team from the Big 98.

Welcomed by dedicated fans from all over (including a couple from IL who greeted him with a huge banner with his CD Title on it), he celebrated and performed songs from his brand new album, Growing Up Is Getting Old, including “Where I’m From” and “Happened on a Saturday Night (Suzie Q)”. Both of these songs are from his sophomore album which hit store shelves Tuesday. He also sang some of his previous hits from a full stage complete with stage lights to a crowd in the parking lot of Walmart.

Commenting he does this five or six times a week, he joked with the crowd about what a great experience it was to arrive as he did. After the concert, he made his way inside WalMart where he autographed copies of the new CD for the fans.

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