CD REVIEWS: Aaron Tippin, Sandy Mason Theoret and The Band of Heathens

Aaron Tippin
In Overdrive
Nippit Records

Aaron Tippin is no stranger to getting his hands dirty and spending time behind the wheel, whether it is in a tour bus or on his farm in Tennessee. His latest CD project is dedicated to all the hardworking souls who put time in the exact same way, pushing long hours and in all kinds of traffic and weather.
A collection of 14 songs, the album includes many remakes of the hits we have heard over the years and are as familiar and comfortable to us as our favorite jeans. Aaron adds his new song, “Drill Here, Drill Now,” as well, which has garnered much media attention in the last few months.
Aaron Tippin represents real, hardworking people and the hard work shows. This compilation is a great companion to hitting the road, turning up the volume and singing along.

1. East Bound and Down
2. Truck Drivin’ Man
3. Drivin’ My Life Away
4. Six Days On The Road
5. Chicken Truck
6. The Ballad of Danger Dave and Double Trouble
7. Prisoner Of The Highway
8. Girl On The Billboard
9 Long White Line
10. Movin’ On
11. White Knight
12. Roll On
13. Drivin’ Fool
14. Drill Here, Drill Now

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Sandy Mason Theoret
Out There And In Here

The new CD by one of the best songwriters/singers in a town filled with talent is best described by her own words. “This music is a reflection of my life out there and in here near my heart.” Theoret stands on her own when it comes to performing and creating a sound uniquely her own. If you are looking for music that is going to move you and inspire you, then pick up the latest project by this talented artist!

1. The Garden
2. Just A Dream
3. Simple Songs
4. We’re All Angels
5. Heaven’s Door
6. Come Be With Me
7. All Your Life
8. Will It Be Broken
9. If I Hadn’t Loved You
10. Out There And In Here / Sailin’

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The Band Of Heathens

BOH Records
A Country, soul, and rockandroll sound, The Band of Heathens boasts a natural and organic fresh touch to the music scene. The songs are all recorded in a studio but have the sound of being live in front of an audience.This being their first studio album after two live ones brings together the best of both worlds. This group of young men are defining their niche in the music world. A project with lyrics that flow easily and blend with the amazing talents of the musicians lend to a welcoming gritty and honest sound, combining Americana with the roots of Country and Rock.Definitely a band that is garnering national attention for well deserved reasons.

1. Don't Call On Me
2. Jackson Station
3. Maple Tears
4. Heart On My Sleeve
5. Second Line
6. 40 Days
7. This I Know
8. Unsleeping Eye
9. Cornbread
10. Nine Steps Down

11. Hallelujah

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