ARTICLE: Megan Munroe Performs on Billy Block Shows

Billy Block is as synonymous with the country music scene in Nashville as chocolate chips are with cookies; and the entertainment at his shows is just as satisfying. Megan Munroe recently performed twice on the Billy Block shows; once at the world famous Tootsies Orchid Lounge for his live “Locals Only” show and again at 12th and Porter; one of Nashville’s most recognized and well attended showcase venue’s. Tootsie’s show offers the artist a chance to chat with Billy Block live on air during his radio broadcast and the 12th and porter show is performed live for radio, and the performance is streamed over the internet at

Megan is a beautiful and talented young lady who brings her emotions and charisma to the stage and leaves listeners with a smile. She recently released her first CD titled, “One More Broken String” which showcases not only her amazing range of vocal capabilities, but also her tender and heartfelt song writing talent. Megan co-wrote all but one of the songs on this project with her long time friend and band member, Brian Oaks. The song “Belle Meade” she penned herself.

Megan won over the standing room only crowds at both venues with a taste of the songs on her new release, including the fun and up-tempo “Moonshine” and “Leavin’ Memphis”. An emotional “Nothing Is Easy Anymore” is a tender song filled with raw, from the heart feelings. She also sang “Pennies In The Ocean”, which reflects on life and the overwhelming feelings of how big this world is; a song that holds promise to climb the music charts. “Angel On Fire” was also a crowd favorite, and shows potential as a single. Megan Munroe has a stage presence that allows the listeners to hear the tenderness in her lyrics and yet enjoy the entertainment they came for. Megan is just beginning her journey, and we will be hearing much more from this young artist.

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