Publication: Country Hound CD Reviews for Brittini Black, Johnny Cash Remix and Jason Brown

Brittini Black
Good Happens
Slugfest Records

Put this in your CD player and you will be hooked on Brittini Black as she takes you from heartfelt and tender ballads to songs filled with inspiration along with tunes that have a foot stoppin’ spunk and light a fire in her voice. This is Country Music’s next female artist to watch. Her song “Life Is Good” will be heard in the new Rene Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. movie called “New In Town” which is out in theatres January 30th.

Brittini Black gives you honesty and uses her god given talent to let her true emotions come out in her singing. Black has it all going for her, a beautiful young woman with a warmth and inviting charisma, her powerful voice embraces you and invites you to stay and listen; there is no pushing the skip button on this CD.

1. Life Is Good
2. Pawn Shop Angel
3. Good Happens
4. I’m So There
5. Knock Me Down
6. I Want You To Live
7. Be Brave
8. James White
9. Wild Horses
10. Tell You
11. What Else Is There

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Johnny Cash Remixed
Compadre Records

In stores this week, an amazing compilation of some of the biggest hits of the legendary Johnny Cash with a new sound. This is not for you die hard fans who want to remember the music icon as the man in black with his soul-filled voice. What you get, is a much faster sounding mix and brings the steadfast lyrics and tradition to the dance floor combined with the sound of hip hop and rap to excite today’s younger crowd. This is a bold collection of traditional songs with the modern styles heard in genres of music at the opposite end of what you would generally classify Cash’s music in. Johnny Cash was known for pushing the boundaries with his lyrics and his music, and that is what this CD is about.

Executive Producers: Snoop Dogg, John Carter Cash (son of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash and Exec Producer of Oscar-winning film Walk the Line), and Mathew Knowles for Music World Productions, Inc.

1. I Walk The Line (featuring Snoop Dogg)
2. Big River
3. Get Rhythm
4. Country Boy
5. Leave That Junk Alone
6. Port Of Lonely Hearts
7. Folsom Prison Blues
8. Straight A’s In Love
9. Sugartime
10. Rock Island Line
11. Belshazzar
12. I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow

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Jason Brown
Livin’ Off The Land
Dream It Records

Jason Brown delivers the lyrics with a powerful and sturdy sound, not unlike the rich rural upbringing of his youth. Each song on this sophomore project is rich with lyrics telling a story that any one of us could have been the main character in and are easy to relate to. His style is country with a contemporary edge, enough twang and two step to keep your boots movin’ but a popular upbeat sound to push to the next level.

Jason had a hand in several songs on this CD, including the title track about the fate of our nation’s farmers and “Livin’ Off The Land”. Other names recognizable in the writing credits include the talents of David Lee Murphy, Ira Dean, and Wynn Varble just to name a few.

1. We’re All In The Same Boat
2. First Love
3. I Did It Anyway
4. Hay In My Socks
5. Keys In My Pocket
6. Two Places At Once
7. I Can’t Afford Not Too
8. Can’t Stay Here
9. 80 Acres On Fire
10. Sideways
11. Honky Tonk Glow
12. Livin’ Off The Land

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