PUBLICATION: Country Hound CD Reviews Charlie Allen, Suzy Bogguss and Thompson-Ward

Charlie AllenThat Was Then, This Is Now
River Run Records

Charlie Allen has lived his entire life around music and it shows. As an artist who has lived through several decades of the music business, had success and seen failure, he has put his heart into this project to give his fans music that is truly a piece of the man himself.
The first cut on the CD, “Can’t Take Him Out Of Me," is about our society and the continued push for government to take religion out of our everyday living. Allen has a distinctive voice and a true-to-the-heart Country sound. “I Don’t Have Forever” is a passionate song pleading to God for answers and is a personal favorite of mine. All of the cuts on this CD are Country to the core and reflect the deep roots Allen has in this genre of music.
This is one album you will listen to over and over again and won’t push the skip button. Plus, the production is as solid as the artist.
1. Can't Take Him Out Of Me
2. I Did This To Me
3. Why Ask Why
4. See If I Care
5. Everything But Me
6. Good Time Charlie
7. Proof
8. Can’t Live Without You
9. She’s Still Here
10. That Was Then, This Is Now
11. Dollar General
12. I Don’t Have Forever

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Suzy Bogguss
Sweet Danger
Loyal Duchess Records

Suzy Bogguss is a household name. Sweet Danger, her latest effort, takes you down a path a little less familiar as it is filled with the sound of jazz and it digs a little deeper into the heart and soul of Bogguss’ musical capacity. You still get the lyrics that you are familiar with, but the delivery is not traditional Country. Bogguss pushes herself with ambition on each project she jumps into, and she does not let the listener down with Sweet Danger.
Bogguss carries the ‘70s Chicago hit, “If You Leave Me Now,” seamlessly showing off her versatile range and ability to bring the listener with her no matter the genre of music. Each song on this endeavor brings out a new sound and is produced perfectly blending the musicians and the vocals to allow the listener to enjoy this fun and new sound.
1. The Bus Ride
2. Everything
3. No Good Way To Go
4. If You Leave Me Now
5. In Heaven
6. Baby July
7. Even If That Were True
8. Chain Lover
9. Sweet Danger
10. Right Back Into The Feeling
11. It’s Not Gonna Happen Today
12. One Clear Moment

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Thompson Ward
Porch Funk

Jam Shack Records
Steve Thompson and Bryan Ward come together to bring a new sound that borders on the outskirts of Country Music. It carries an edge of classic southern rock and mixes it with an amazing soulful sound born out of the swamplands of Mississippi. This is a unique style of music they've self dubbed “porch funk” – as a listener you will either love it or not.
Generations of listeners and genres from across the board have heard the original version of “Spiders and Snakes” by Jim Stafford; but no one has heard it like Thompson Ward does it. It is the first song on the CD, and it will have you singing along from the start as well as wondering what else is on this CD. Another cover which showcases the incredible talents of the bluesy, dirt n’ gravel sound of the duo is “Amos Moses” delivered with the grit and personality of this new duo. The 16 songs on this CD were recorded over a period of the last few years and all were written by one or both Thompson and Ward, with the exception of the two covers and one song by Brad Van Winkle.
Each song has a distinct sound which will propel this duo to higher grounds than they could have imagined when this journey began. If you want a different sound and something in your disc changer that begs for the volume to be turned up loud and the windows down, then you want to put this CD on your list.
1. Spiders and Snakes
2. Riverside
3. The Hump
4. Difficult Times
5. Theresa
6. Stank
7. Ain’t Livin’ Long
8. Missa Lynd
9. Surrender
10. This Tempting Eve
11. Deepest Mellow Sunset
12. Amos Moses
13. Mother’s Work Song
14. Happiness
15. Buddy Love’s Testimony
16. Riverside Alt

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