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This Is My America
Hutton Music – A Division of Tennessee Entertainment Corporation

Where else can you find fifty-six award winning songwriters and artists in one set? This is a unique collection of stories and songs telling the story of the United States of America. Three Red, White and Blue CD’s in a beautiful box that appears leather bound, accompanied by a booklet listing all the participants in this amazing project and includes a replica parchment copy of The Declaration of Independence.

Teachers, students and anyone with patriotic blood running through their veins will want all of their history lessons put to music after listening to this tribute to our history. The production on this project is as strong as the foundation the USA was built upon, bringing together the diverse talents of so many writers, artists, musicians and a united team of believers. The stories are written for listeners of all ages and narrated by the recognizable voices of David Ford, Kathy Mattea, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Wood Newton, Nan Gurley and Dolly Parton.

Each song on this project showcases the credible talent of the songwriters as over 500 years of American History are told. A few names included on the songwriting credits include; Charlie Black, Rory Bourke, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Roxie Dean, Steve Dean, Matt King, J Fred Knobloch, Wood Newton, Tim Ryan, Bill Shore, Sharon Vaughn, Jon Vezner, Jim Weatherly, Brian White, Lynn Wilbanks and David Wills.

This is by far one of the most extraordinary projects done in Nashville bringing together some of the finest names in the music community; Kathy Mattea, Charley Pride, Tim Ryan, Ashley Monroe, Matt King, Jenny Gill, Billy Burnette, Dolly Parton, Mark O’Connor, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Billy Dean. An added bonus is the union of the gift of the incredible music, lyrics and narration of many genres of our music community blessed with rich sounds of the Fisk Jubilee Singers and the Nashville Symphony. Truly, this project will stand on it’s own as a reflection of what America represents and the strong ties that bind our music community.

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Four Square Miles
American Roots Records

Absolutely a keeper. How is that for my opinion on this CD? Telluride consists of five of the most talented young artists I have heard in a long time. As soon as I put this in the CD player they had me from the first song. The entire project is great and I have a hard time picking out only one or two songs which are favorites, but I will try. “Pencil Marks” made me smile as I listened to the lyrics, which for the record, every track has amazing lyrics. This particular song reminds me of the back side my own mothers closet door where she has to this day the markings where she would line us girls up every year on the first day of school and show how tall we were.

“Riverbank” has you singing along and playing drums on the dashboard, “Temptation” is another you cannot help yourself as you sing along with CD. Coming from the Midwest, I definitely can relate to “Pickstown” and I even know where in South Dakota it is. Of course the song the CD is named after, “Four Square Miles” is strong and takes the listener on a journey and who would not want to go on a journey with these guys? This is a group to watch, mark my words; you will be hearing them a lot! Country Music has a new #1 group hitting the airwaves!

1. Phone Song
2. Kansas City Green
3. Stay
4. Four Square Miles
5. Pencil Marks
6. Good Love
7. Temptation
8. Without Saying
9. Cheatin’ Jesus
10. Riverbank
11. Pickstown
12. Hope Happens Here (Bonus Track)

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Donna Ulisse
Walk This Mountain Down
Hadley Music Group

Donna Ulisse is a singer, songwriter and a Bluegrass poet who has been singing since she was three years old. A self penned musical compilation by Donna, and co-written by some well known music industry icons. She wrote this as a follow up to her 2007 CD Release titled “When I Look Back”. The new work of art is called, “Walk This Mountain Down”, produced by Keith Sewell and consists of thirteen Bluegrass songs which illustrate both Donna’s talent as a singer combined with vocal’s that are both beautiful and strong and a songwriting flair above the rest.

If you enjoy the sound of Bluegrass, then you love it after listening to this CD. Donna has a warm rich voice that is meant to sing this genre of music, combine that with the remarkable musicianship of Nashville’s finest and you have a collection of songs you will want to listen to again and again.

1. In My Wildest Dreams
2. Poor Mountain Boy
3. Dust To Dust
4. Love’s Crazy Train
5. Walk This Mountain Down
6. The Trouble With You
7. Child Of The Great Depression
8. The Key
9. Lovin’ Every Minute
10. I Lied
11. These Troubles
12. Everything Has Changed
13. Levi Stone

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