PUBLICATION: Country Hound CD Reviews Jamey Johnson, Connor Christian and Stacy Peavy

Jamey Johnson
That Lonesome Song
Mercury Records

Jamey Johnson is a name that, if it is not already recognized in every home in America with Country roots, it will be. This album does not have a single song on it not worthy of glory on its own. Immediately a hit as soon as it hit the airwaves, “In Color” has changed how listeners envision a song. It paints a picture to the listeners with its extraordinary and fine-penned lyrics. All but two of the songs were written or co-written by Johnson, and the list of those who co-wrote are valued as Music Row’s top-notch writers: Teddy Gentry, James Otto, Jeff Bates, James Slater and Buddy Cannon to name a few!
Each and every one of the songs on this CD could easily be a hit single, every song having legs of it’s own to carry the entire project. Johnson has a voice that is very distinctive and a style that is unique and laid back. His serious tone and deep voice commands you to listen, all-the-while bringing a smile to your face while you take in the full effect of the lyrics and messages. Jamey Johnson did not receive three Grammy nominations for nothing…this is his time

1. Released
2. High Cost Of Living
3. Angel
4. Place Out On The Ocean
5. Mowin’ Down The Roses
6. The Door Is Always Open
7. Mary Go ‘Round
8. In Color
9. The Last Cowboy
10. That Lonesome Sound
11. Dreaming My Dreams
12. Women
13. Stars In Alabama
14. Between Jennings And Jones

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Connor Christian & Southern Gothic
90 Proof Lullabies
Vintage Earth Records

Self described as equal parts modern troubadour, back road poet and outlaw rocker, Connor Christian creates gritty, soulful songs of experience, revealing solace in hardship, hope in destitution and a dustbowl sensibility. His powerful music draws on influences ranging from Ryan Adams, G. Love and Counting Crows to The Band and Tumbleweed Connection-era Elton John and makes a heartfelt statement found at the crossroads of Roots Rock and Americana.
Listen closely to the lyrics in this set of southern rock songs; they are as true to real life as it gets. You get simple production and genuine from the heart and soul sound. Close your eyes and you are standing in front of the stage, raising your glass as you sing along to the music.
This set of 14 songs was produced by Jeff Tomei (Matchbox 20, Jerrry Cantrell), mixed by Shawn Grove (Collective Soul, Sevendust) and features Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke, Mark Van Allen of Blueground Undergrass and Bobby Emmett of the Shooter Jennings Band.

1. Sunday Suit
2. Midnight Moon
3. It’s Alright
4. Waiting For Princess
5. Chipping Away
6. Evangeline
7. Let Ya Slide
8. Winter
9. Time By You
10. One Toke Over The Line
11. Good Morning Sunshine
12. 3 Times
13. Ground Hog
14. Meet My Angel

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Stacy Peavy
This Is My Life

A Texas gal who has a true traditional Country sound when it comes to her music, Stacy Peavy sings songs of faith, family and country values. She has a voice that is strong with a sound that makes you believe in the words she is singing.
Peavy is not new to the music scene, having had several songs reach the charts as singles in other markets. The songwriters on the album are also well known on music row – including Tom Shapiro, Al Anderson, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Kent Blazy and Leslie Satcher to name a few -- all famous songwriters that have written for artists such as George Strait, Garth Brooks, Faith Hill, Lee Ann Womack and Kenny Chesney among others.

1. Before It Winds Up Too Late
2. Tears
3. A Better Woman
4. Ain’t Gonna Miss You When I’m Gone
5. When I’m Sory Ain’t Workin’ Anymore
6. More Bruised Than Broken
7. Back To Bein’ Me
8. I Can Find It In You
9. (I Melt) When You Call Me Baby
10. This Is My Life

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