Trace Adkins: LP Field Press Conference CMA Music Festival 2010

Trace Adkins LP Field Press Conference CMA Music Festival 2010

Q: This week you will be coming face to face with your fans. Country music fans are known for being outspoken and quite possessive of their artists and tend to have a lot of opinions to give. Can you talk about that interaction and are they that forthcoming with you?

TA: My fans, especially fan club members will express their opinions, whether good or bad.

Q: How do you feel about that?

TA: Bring it on, its fine. I think we, as a genre, have given our fans the opportunity to do that. They can get close to us and actually speak to us, ask questions. I don’t think fans in other genres get a chance to do that.

TA: I heard that at your fan club party, you announced that you are going to be a grandfather and have your first grandson. Are you excited about it?

TA: Yes, and this is me excited. My daughter showed me the pictures and it is pretty impressive. She is due sometime in November.

Q: You have been to quite a few Fan Fair / CMA Fests now. Can you share a couple of memorable encounters with fans? Something unusual?

TA: I go back to the old fairground days, I remember a guy hugged me, really hugged me and wiped a booger on my shoulder. That just popped into my head. That is one of my not so favorite memories.

Q: You just finished a tour with Martina McBride. What is one of the most memorable moments during that tour? Also, what are you looking forward to the most with touring with Toby Keith?

TA: Any night you get to stand in the wings and listen to Martina McBride sing is a good night. The last night of the tour, she came out with a big padded butt in “Badonkadonk” and it was crazy.

Q: Will you talk about your appreciation for the fans coming to our city particularly this year when we really needed that shot in the arm.

TA: I am proud of this city and I am thankful that people from around the world can come here and see the fortitude of this town, how we bounced back from this disaster and we are open for business. I think it is a testament to who we are, the kind of backbone we have here in this community.

Q: Can you tell us the best part of being a Dad is for you?

TA: Wow…I don’t know, I guess just hearing little feet running through the house. There are so many things. The tricks you get to play on them over and over because they are not smart enough to figure it out. The lies I get to tell them that they believe.

Q: There have been a lot of changes in your life since last year when you were out on tour with Toby Keith and now you are going back out with him again this year. Are there going to be changes to his or your show?

TA: I don’t know what he will change, but I have a new album coming out and I will put a few new songs in my set and he will probably do the same old stuff he did last year. It was a great tour last year so we decided to do it again and so far, early ticket sales indicates it is going to be strong again this year. We are doing more cities this year than we did last year. I am excited about it, looking forward to it. Touring with Toby last year changed my career; I got to see firsthand how his organization and Showdog Records is run, but also that they place a premium on having fun. That is what I got in this business for in the first place and that is where I want to be. I don’t know how many more years I have left in this business, but I want to have fun in the ones that I do have left. This feels like a comfortable place and the right place for me to do that. I am glad this is where I am at now.

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Transcribed by Pam Stadel for Digital Rodeo

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