Darius Rucker Backstage Press Conference LP Field CMA Music Festival 2010

Darius Rucker Backstage Press Conference LP Field CMA Music Festival 2010

Q: This week, you did your Darius and Friends Benefit and you were able to get a lot of your friends out to help. You have a lot of experiences with the community, the country artists and you can just call them up and everyone gets together and helps out. Can you contrast that with, not that “Hootie” friends wouldn’t come here, but just the community of country artists
DR: Oh yes. Even when I was making my record I had Vince, Allison and Brad Paisley come. The way that happened, I remember being in “Hootie” and writing a song and thinking that “so and so” would be great on that. I would talk to them and they would say “yeah man, I love the song, let’s do it”. Your manager calls their manager. If a record label calls someone, it never happens. I told people when we were making “Learn To Live” that I wanted Vince Gill on the record. I saw him in the gym and the next thing you know, Vince is in the studio singing. The same with Allison; we saw her in the restaurant. Everyone comes out. This is a different animal than where I came from. This actually is a community and you have the base of Nashville that makes it easy to know where everyone is going to be.

Q: You are back out with Brad Paisley and the H2O tour. Do you remember before your country album came out, you talked about taking friend to see Brad and you were so amazed that you placed a call and told them you wanted to go on tour with Brad Paisley. This is your second time. How has that transition and friendship development been? Is he going to do a song with you?

DR: Yes, we are cutting a duet for my new album tomorrow actually. He played guitar on my record and four or five days later, he was playing my home town Charleston. After the show, I called up my management and told them that I didn’t care what it cost me, I wanted to go out on tour with Brad Paisley. This year is everything I thought it would be; he is such a great guy. I tell people that he is one of the best guys I know and that’s true. He is one of those guys that you just go “wow”. A quick story; we were at the correspondence dinner last year and before I went, my wife asked me if I had my studs and my cuff links and I said I did. I get there and I only have cuff links, I don’t have the studs. I need the studs for my shirt or I can’t go. It is Sunday and I am with the Concierge and he is calling everyone he knows and he can’t find any studs. I am freaking out thinking this is awful. Brad walks out of his room with his wife and his Dad and asks “what are you doing?” I told him I was waiting for some studs. He looks at me and says “I have an extra set of studs” and I am like “who carries studs?” The point of telling the story is last night I finally gave them back to him after a year or so. I am really excited about that.

Q: Tell us about your new single. I understand it is going to radio real soon.

DR: Yes, it is going to radio next week. I am very excited about it. It is a song called “Come Back Song” and I wrote it with Chris Stapleton and Casey Bethard. It is a song about that dude that really knows he really messed up this time. I’ve been there…twice.

Q: Can you tell us the best part about being a “Dad”?

DR: The best part about being a Dad? There is no best part, everything is great about being a Dad. I even like the bad parts. I was that guy that didn’t think much about it and then when it happened, I realized God gave me this voice to sing but He put me on earth to be a Dad and I love it.

Q: Are you going to do any shows overseas?

DR: Yes, book me right now, I’ll be there. I am off the month of December. I would love to come over there.

Q: Your last album, you said frequently that when you went into the studio you would tell the musicians they had two choices, play the one that is best because you didn’t really know how it was going to play out. Obviously you have had a lot of success with this last album. With the new one, with the confidence you have, how did that change what you were able to do or not do this time?

DR: I think this time I knew more what I wanted to do than last time. I think Frank Rogers let me have more input just because I want to make records that people want to listen to. I want to stay on the radio. I knew what I wanted it to sound like, I told Frank and he would get it for me. I hope people like it as much as I do because I love it.

Q: Do your kids get to go out on the road with you since it is summertime?

DR: Yes, they just went home Wednesday. We were out for about 10 days. They were loving life and having a good time. My kids are crazy. We have a good time.

Q: The last time I saw you was after the “New Faces” show at the Radio Seminar and you were quite emotional during that experience. Do you continue to be surprised about your success and how are you feeling since that “New Face” show?

DR: Every day is a surprise. People laugh at me. Every day I laugh because this is something I wanted to do, something I was going to do on my own. Ten of my friends might own the record and I would be happy with that. To actually be here and have this much success with it is just crazy.

Q: During your signing today, did you have any wacky requests from fans?

DR: Sure, there are always wacky requests. These people save their money and plan this trip for a year. When they plan the trip, they say they want to see this person and that person. To be one of those people that they stand in line and camp overnight for just to get your autograph? I’ll sign whatever they want, I will do whatever they want. That is pretty cool; that is why I do what I do.

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