Justin Moore Backstage LP Field Press Conference CMA Music Festival 2010

Justin Moore Backstage LP Field Press Conference CMA Music Festival 2010

Q: It is a big night for you Justin, talk about playing on the big stage at LP Field.

JM: It’s cool. This is our third year here to do the CMA Fest and it is cool to see how it has grown over the past three years. We started out at the River Stage and then did the Chevy Stage last year and I don’t know if they were desperate to have someone come up here tonight or what but it is definitely exciting. It is a big step for us.

Q: Chely Wright took a really big step this year and I think when you performed with her at her benefit that it was the first time she had played live since she did that. Could you feel anything in the room?

JM: Unfortunately, I had to leave. I was gone for about two weeks straight and wanted to get back and see my four month old daughter so we went and played and jetted. She obviously has had a big year and a lot on her shoulders. I hope she is happy.

Q: Is this the biggest crowd you have played in front of?

JM: It’s going to be close. A few weeks ago, we got to do a show with Kenny Chesney in Baton Rouge and played in front of about 50,000 folks in Tiger Stadium. It is exciting, but I am too stupid to get nervous. To get to play in front of this many folks is fun. A lot of people may know our music and some probably don’t, but that is more exciting because we get to grow our fan base.
Q: With Father’s Day coming up, can you tell us how you feel?
JM: It’s crazy how it changes your whole way of thinking on everything. People can tell you that until you are blue in your face, but until you hold your daughter or your son you don’t realize it . My wife actually told me that I was going to be a Dad last Father’s Day when I got off the road. It is cool to see how things have changes since last year at this time.

Q: Could you give some advice for aspiring music artists?

JM: I don’t believe anyone would take advice from me. The career advice I would give is you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. I am a prime example of that. I have been very blessed that everyone in this industry, country radio and the fans have embraced me early on and I have had some success. Where I grew up, this just doesn’t happen to people. I grew up in a town of 300 people. It definitely happens to real folks so go for it.

Q: You are back on Brad Paisley’s H2O tour, talk about that experience and what you think makes him connect with the audience so well?

JM: Today, I saw a quote made by him and it was the coolest thing I have heard him say. He said folks want to think of us as friends and not get above them, just stay right there with them and relate to them. Brad does a great job of that. You see that in his shows and the way he goes about his business back stage.

Q: You said you were too stupid to get nervous, but you also said you would consider a warm up because of all the crazy antics on stage and you could hurt yourself. Have you taken any steps to fix that?

JM: No, I am still just as ignorant as I ever was. Someone said I probably should stretch or do yoga or something. I can’t spell yoga. It’s hard to stretch in pants this tight, they make me wear britches that are three sizes too small.

Q: Can you talk about your new single?

JM: I am excited about it. “How I Got To Be This Way” is our fastest rising single yet. It is a good song for the summertime I think and a little bit different for me. It’s still me but it is a song about some of the stupid stuff I did growing up. I can’t fit all the stupid things I did growing up in the three minutes. It is a little different for us and it is great to see the fans reacting to it. We are shooting the video for it also.

Q: You mentioned that this is your third time at CMA Music Festival so obviously fans are getting to know you. What are you doing to adapt to those changes as the crowds get bigger for you?

JM: It’s wild, it’s surprising to see. We just sit out there on stage and scratch our heads every night. We keep trying to add to the show and try to do different things, especially at places we have already played. We don’t want to do the same show twice. The bottom line is to keep adapting. You have to stay hungry and never be satisfied. You have to keep trying to make the show better because if you feel like you have arrived, you have messed up.

Q: With all the competition that is out there today in country music, how do you separate yourself from the pack? What are the things that make you stand out?

JM: I’m prettier! Just kidding. Ask my wife and she will tell you Jake Owen and Luke. Really, the fans want to know who you are as a person; as well as what you sing about and write about. I think we did a good job on the first album; picking songs, me writing songs that show people who I am. It lets people know you are at least a half way decent person. Back to what I said about Brad Paisley, he relates to people and people relate to him. Everyone out there feels they are a friend of his. I think that is a big key. I grew up on country music and started loving country music because I thought they were writing songs about me. That’s what we try to do.

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