REVIEW: The Springs, Teens On A Mission

On a recent trip to Nashville to attend the Inspirational Country Music Awards, this young group of artists and musicians played several showcases introducing themselves to the music industry and giving the audiences a taste of their amazing talents. The Springs, is a group of young music artists currently ranging in age from 16 to 19 and their mission is to bring listeners back to family friendly Christian and Christian Country Music.

I attended one of their showcases and was very impressed with the range of music this young group brought to the stage, and obviously so were those who cast their votes for the ICM Awards, as they walked away with the 2008 Inspirational Country Youth Artist of The Year Award.

Teens on a Mission is the name of their debut CD, and it is filled with positive messages concerning the tough choices and difficult situations we face as we travel this journey we call life on earth. “You Are An Angel” was recently released to radio and is about the need to help one another during the hard times.

“They Chose Love” is a personal favorite of mine, which I can hardly listen to without it tugging at my heartstrings. It is about a young girl’s decision to give her child up for adoption when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. The lyrics are delivered with compassion, hope and courage by 16 year old Kristie DeWolfe.

Another song which is easy to relate to and showcases the vocal talents of 18 year old Stewart Holcomb is called “Ugly” as it relates to the images young girls see on billboards and in magazines and how they compare themselves to these photo perfect models when beauty actually comes from the inside.

The Springs are very busy playing music festivals and opening concerts for well recognized artist such as Sara Evans, Aaron Tippin, Craig Morgan, Steve Holy and Kid Rock. Soon to be a household name themselves, these young artist hold promise not only in achieving their goals to make great music with the harmony of their musical talents, but also to fulfill their mission to spread the messages of hope, peace and love to listeners around the world.

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