ARTICLE: Alayna Kraye "Sinners Child" Showcase

Imagine a stage complete with ramps, a multitude of stage lighting, complete with fog machines, back-up singers dressed in skimpy form fitting costumes and out of nowhere, emerging from the rafters is a beautiful artist, dressed in a black and white striped tuxedo cut to expose the mid-drift and accented with a top hat. This is not your ordinary Nashville artist showcase. This is the next rock’n sensation to hit the music scene.
On October 14th, Twenty-five year old Alayna Krye entertained invited guests at an exclusive showcase premier held at Soundcheck Studios in Nashville. Friends and Nashville music executives experienced a show complete with colorful costume changes, non-stop action, filled with over sized sledge hammer smashing, chains and a lot of leather and spike accessories.
A female version of Alice Cooper meets Steven Tyler would best describe the atmosphere. Her bio says it all about her musical talent .“With every note from the haunting piano ballad of "Sinner’s Child" to the guitar wrenching "Liar," her voice is like a freight train on a collision course with your soul.”

Alayna can nail the high notes, and soften it up on her ballads. Her vocal abilities were able to shine through while performing her action packed showcase. I must say her choice of songs were chosen well, written and delivered with a passion. Alayna stands out from the crowd with her originality and delivers an outstanding performance from the dark ballads to the energized opening act.There is no doubt she can entertain by herself, but she also had her dancers and band, and all together it forms and act you do not want to miss.If you have an opportunity to see Alayna Krye perform, drop everything else on your schedule and go!

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