INTERVIEW: Zachary Hunter 'In Your Dreams"

Zachary Hunter's dream has always been to "move" people with his music, and now, with In Your Dreams, it is clear that he is achieving his dream. With the release of his third album, In Your Dreams, Zachary is beginning to reap the rewards of his hard work and devotion. He wrote all 13 songs on the disc, which weaves in and out of traditional and modern country music with seamless ease.

Bev: Zachary, thank you for taking time from your schedule to visit with me. How does it feel to have this project completed and on radio?

Zachary: This project took almost two years to complete, so it feels really good. It is out there and doing well, so it feels great.

Bev: What were the obstacles that it took two years?

Zachary: Several things really. One is our recording is done in Colorado and some in Nashville, so coordinating schedules is always challenge. The other thing is I was unable to sing for eight or nine months while I dealt with some issues with my vocal chords.

Bev: You wrote every song on this project, over what kind of time span?

Zachary: It is mostly work I have been saving and then there are several I wrote for this project. I went back over a ten year period and I pulled out the best of my work that I had been saving for a time when I was ready to put this CD out.

Bev: This is your third CD, how is this project different than the others?

Zachary: This is my third, but the first one of this stature and that I am releasing to radio and really pushing. The production value on this CD is amazing and we were able to really pull together some big names on the studio musicians and it makes all the difference in the world.

Bev: You been performing a majority of your life, but have taken songwriting to the next level on this album, how does it make you feel to be the singer and the songwriter?

Zachary: I have done a lot over the years, and have put a lot of focus on my songwriting, going to seminars and being around the Nashville songwriters, so seeing all my hard work and patience culminate to this is a good feeling. Being both the artist singing and knowing I wrote it and to have it accepted and receive the good comments on it is really making it worth everything.

Bev: When you read the reviews from the various publications, do you take each one to heart, whether it is good or bad, or do you try not to let the opinions of others affect you and how YOU feel about the project?

Zachary: I think I have carried forward my experience from being around seasoned songwriters and learning to utilize constructive criticism and their suggestions on making a good thing better. I have been fortunate that all the reviews seem to be positive so that makes it easier to handle.

Bev: Which do you get the most satisfaction from - Performing or song-writing?

Zachary: I would have to say performing. It is a thrill for me to watch the audience connect. And if you perform a song you have written and get that same response, it is a double thrill.

Bev: Has anyone else every recorded anything you have written?

Zachary: I have never published anything or gone that route, but I would welcome it if it presented itself.

Bev: Who are some of you favorite songwriters?

Zachary: I always enjoyed Bob DiPiero and especially some from the 90’s who were big at the time.

Bev: Who would you most love to write with?

Zachary: There is really not anyone. I seem to write better alone than with a co-writer.

Bev: What kind of song do you connect with better? A rip it up and tear it down kind or a tender ballad?

Zachary: I think it depends on the material, but I lean towards the ballads as they tend to grasp the emotions of the audience more.

Bev: What inspires you when writing a song?

Zachary: I listen to a lot of other material and evaluate what others do and listen to lyrics. So I am constantly thinking of ideas and being inspired by what I am listening too.

Bev: There are so many talented female singers in country. Who would you like to duet with?

Zachary: I enjoyed the work Kathie Ballie did while we were recording this CD, so I would like to do something with her. Of course if I ever get to a point where I can pick and choose, I would love to do work with Martina McBride.

Bev: Where do you envision the direction of country music to be in the next five years?

Zachary: I think with anything there is a pendulum and it seems there is a change in tastes of the listeners, how soon it comes back to the traditional country music I don’t know. I think with the emergence of the crossover artists right now we will have some mixture in the country music scene for awhile.

Bev: Are you political? What do you think of the political candidates using artist's songs as they campaign?

Zachary: From an artist standpoint it is great to have your music heard, but I would want it to reflect the values and meaning of the song as intended when written.

Bev: If you had not chosen country music what would it have been?

Zachary: I think I would stay in the family so to speak and go with Bluegrass or Folk.

Bev: Do you think the turn in the economy will hurt the industry as far as CD sales, touring etc..?

Zachary: I think so. I believe it is unavoidable as everything is taking a hit right now. I think good music will always prevail as it is a communicator and helps people deal with tough times, so people respond to that and it acts like an insulator.

Bev: How are you getting this CD out to the public? Plans of touring with anyone or utilizing the websites?

Zachary: I am utilizing all of the websites and hoping there is enough impact to generate the demand for touring. My CD’s are in stores, we have not thought of all the opportunities to expose it as of it, but we are working hard on it.

Bev: Do you play regularly anywhere?

Zachary: I was up until about six months ago in CO at the Wildhorse Saloon in Durango, but recently no, I have been focusing on finalizing the details on this project.

Bev: Thank you very much your time and good luck on everything with this and all future projects.

Zachary: I appreciate that and enjoyed talking with you as well. It means a lot to have you take the time to get to know me and let me share a little about the CD and the songs on it.

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