Katie Armiger CD Showcase at The Rutledgeby Bev Moser

A CD showcase and release party was held for a standing room only crowd of music industry executives, fellow artists, family and friends at the Rutledge on Wednesday August 20, 2008 for Katie Armitage. Hosted by her label, Cold River Records and The AristoMedia Group, Katie took to the stage to perform several of her cuts on her new CD “BELIEVE.”I have always considered myself one who enjoys the lyrics of a song, more so than the artists who perform them on stage or cut them on an album, but seventeen year old Katie Armiger not only can sing the heck out of a song on stage and perform with a maturity and delivery well beyond her age, she also wrote or co-wrote all but one song on her 11 song CD. Katie is the complete package. I have watched this young artist over the last year or so and covered many of her live performances, and with this new release, you can feel the hard work she has put into the artist she honestly is. “Believe” is truly a reward of the efforts she has put towards making it as a big artist in the music industry and will get much deserved attention. Her current single “Unseen” is a showcase of her vocal talents and abilities, the one and only song she did not have a hand in writing on this project, but delivered with passion and power. She proves she has what it takes to play in the arena with the big names with this song. “Trail of Lies” will make anyone believe she has walked this path of deception and you can tell by watching and listening while she performs that it is one of her favorites. This is a song that so many people can relate too and so well delivered you want to keep hitting the repeat button at the end of the song and hear it again. “Make Me Believe” , a re-mix from her first project with a very heartfelt and powerful message , combined with Katie’s ability to put her heart and soul into the flawless delivery will grab the attention of Music Row and her audience and make everyone aware of her powerful, yet refreshing sound. Katie is definitely going to shine with this CD and be around for years to come.

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(reprinted with permission Music News Nashville)

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