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Recently, Bev had the opportunity to sit down with John Tigert, Make-It-Big Records' new hot artist. John has a new CD out called "If I Could Be 10," and the first single off the album, "Coming Home," is about the troops overseas. Bev and John talked about his new material, his career and what comes next.
Bev: Tell me about the first single?JT: Well the song is called Coming Home. Basically we’re trying to let the troops that are over in Iraq and Afghanistan and all the troops all over the world who are fighting for our freedom know that we care about them. And that we can’t wait for them to come home. And we are going to be here for them, you know if they need anything. We are taking a portion of the proceeds and giving it back to the family’s who have soldiers missing or have fallen in Iraq. We are currently working on our web site where you will be able to get our single. The web site is
I first wrote this song about something else a long time ago and I started researching the internet and watching the news about all these soldiers coming home from war and the people were welcoming them home with such open hearts and love that I was just blowing away. There was one soldier in particular, Matt Maffin, who is missing in Iraq and with each day his family and the whole town has yellow ribbons in hope that he will come home and that really grabbed me and meant a lot to me so I wanted to let people know that we do can.Bev: Any idea on the release date of the current project?JT: It is going to be in the fall I don’t have an exact date yet. But we are working on everything right now. But you will be able to go to the web site and purchase the single as well as the video and the full album as well here very shortly. There is contact info on there if you would like to reach me or my crew and ask any questions.Bev: What did you grow up listening to?
JT: Oh wow, that’s kind of crazy. When I was very young you could listen to two types of music in my house and that was country or western. I kind of rebelled and I liked Elton john and Billy Joel and bands like Journey and then I got into bands like Led Zeppelin and Boston, Iron Maiden, Judus Priest. The Scorpions, Motley Crew, you know I got into the heavier side of rock. About 17 years ago my friends dared me to go up and sing a country song and I kind of liked the change and then I seen Garth Brooks sing and I said now there's a man to reckon with.Bev: With a Rock –n- Roll band in high school .. How has the transition into country affected you and your music?JT: Well I brought the passion of the first old school country when they sang a song it meant something. So I brought that and the edginess of rock and a little of pop music and put it together to make my style you get a little of everything which is not like anybody else. Like it or leave it, its me.Bev: What difference do you notice in the fans – and kinds of fans in the different genres?JT: That’s a crazy question because I thought there was a major difference when I first started. But in the last show I did which was Comstock in Nebraska I noticed they are there to just have a good time and if you treat them good and you’re a guy like me and go walk through the crowd and shake peoples hand and sign autographs there the same. They just don’t bang there heads.Bev: I know one of your lucky charms is a medal given to you by a decorated soldier. Do you have any plans in the works for going over and entertaining the troops as many artists do?JT: We don’t have anything lined up yet but we are working on that. It is something I would love to do for our troops. When that soldier came up to me and gave me his cap with his medal of excellence and told me that they give these to use when we do excellent work and that is what I had done that day it brought tears to my eyes and really moved me, it was real. I want to be real in that aspect. If Carrie Underwood can go over there then there's no reason I can’t.Bev: Does your faith play a role in your writing?JT: Well, I thoroughly believe in God. And I am not ever going to say anything other than that because I have seen and experienced a lot of things growing up that a lot of children should not have seen. My father dying and my sister being killed and friends dying and going through rough times. But it was God putting his hand on me and I felt it and realized that I needed to get my stuff together and be the man he put me on earth to be. So when I write my songs I write them straight form the heart.Bev: If you could write with anybody in the world, your ideal co-writing partner, who would it be?
JT: Neil Young, because he has been one of the more incredible writers. Also John Rich is incredible they have what it takes to be a great writer. I feel that they have captured pain and sorrow in there music and that is something that has not been captured in country music of today.Bev: How about duet partner? Who would your ideal duet partner be?JT: Wow there are so many incredible ladies. Trisha Yearwood has done many songs, also Sarah Evans who I have a huge crush on. Ever since I have heard her first sing there has been something about her voice. I would love to do a duet with her. She has a enchanting persona.Bev: Do you have any particular idols in the industry?
JT: Garth brooks, Keith Urban, and Brad Paisley, and Vince Gill because they are real and bring it to the table. Anybody who can get up there on stage and bring it to the table I think is the bomb.Bev: So far what is one particular memory of your career that really stands out?JT: Like I said before while I was in Comstock Nebraska opening up for Jason Aldean and that soldier came up and gave me his medal I was just blowing away and it really meant something to me. Also I was reading my email and there was a lady soldier who I had sent a mp3 song to and told her I hoped she liked it emailed me back saying they had flown a flag with 8 injured soldiers who had listen to my song and loved it in my name later they sent that flag to me and it has meant a lot to me as wellBev: Do you remember the first time you ever performed or did anything in public?
JT: Well I was actually 14 at the time and it was in Pasadena Texas, I was playing hard rock in the battle of the bands and we had won the contest. When they were giving me the award I had asked why they picked me and they said they liked me and my energy that I didn’t just stand up there and play my instruments that I got into it and gave a real show.Bev: What’s your worst pet peeve?
JT: Iam a freak when it comes to things being on time and going in a positive way. If I am walking and there is a brick wall in my way I will turn and walk the other way and I mean that in a positive way. Some people try head butting that walls and never win. I believe you need to just keep moving on and go around that wall.Bev: If you could turn back time and relive any part of your life, what would it be or are you happy with where you’re at?
JT: I would go back to the time before my grandma died and stop touring and to stand by her and tell her that I love her. Bev: What’s next on the horizon for you?JT: Well we just got the video finished, also we got the single finished, the cd is going to be coming out in the fall of 07 and it should be kickin hard by the first of the year. I am ready to start rockin' and rollin' out on the road. Also Id like to get on the road with a major act and open up for them.Bev: What would you most like people to say about John Tigert when they look back in fifty years?
JT: I want them to say that was the nicest guy they ever met and he had a heart as big as Texas.

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