ARTICLE: Bluebird On The Mountain May 2007

A few miles South of Nashville, atop a curvy road, hides one of the best outdoor concert series secrets in town. Bluebird on the Mountain was held on Saturday May 12th at the Vanderbilt Dyer Conservatory to a sold-out crowd. Concertgoers arrived carrying blankets, picnic baskets, lawn chairs and the love of music in their hearts. People of all ages, from the young ones in strollers to young-at-heart grandparents, enjoyed a beautiful Spring night with clear skies and music in the air. Many sprawled out on blankets and kicked off their shoes while enjoying the night. Bluebird on the Mountain is part of the Bluebird Café concert series comprised of the best songwriters and singers in Nashville. This week's lineup was Greg Barnhill, Kim Carnes and Dana Cooper, backed by Dave Ellingston, Tim Lauer and Billy Panda.Dr. Rick Chappell, Dyer Observatory Director, kicked off the evening by thanking everyone for attending and telling a brief history and story about the conservatory. He then introduced Amy Kurland, owner of the famed Bluebird Café which is celebrating 25 years this summer, and then the performers. The audience was treated in typical Bluebird fashion with stories behind the songs and music played the way the songwriters wrote them.Greg Barnhill started of the show as the sun was setting, winning the attention of the crowd with his brilliant vocals and endless energy as he wowed the audience with his guitar playing talent. He and Kim performed his milestone hit and Grammy-nominated song, "Walkaway Joe," which was recorded by Trisha Yearwood and Don Henley. Greg and Kim also sang together on several other songs.Dana Cooper's ability to play the guitar and add gutsy harmonica brought attention to his passionate voice and insightful lyrics. Dana said, when asked about his music, "There are songs about mortality and immortality, politics and religion and love, the struggle of living, and the possibilities of how much we can accomplish. It's a journey through life, from song to song." Grammy award winner and #1 hitmaker Kim Carnes spoke admiringly of her desire to become an artist and said "I never had any other thought in my mind. I was gonna write songs, I was gonna be a star and a singer and I never thought of doing anything else." She said how she always had wanted to cover the Smokey Robinson hit “More Love” if she made it big, which she then played for the crowd who sang along. Kim told the audience “I write from what’s in my heart, I write what I love and have always done that. I’m so lucky to be writing and performing with some of the best writers in the world. I’m having a blast.” Kim closed the evening with the marvelously haunting “Bette Davis Eyes” which had the crowd on its feet and dancing to the music.
(reprinted with permission Music News Nashville)

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