ARTICLE: The Woods at Fontanel with Montgomery Gentry, Gretchen Wilson and John Rich

A much-needed but ill-timed torrential downpour didn't dampen the spirits of several thousand rain-soaked country music fans during the first major concert at Nashville's new The Woods at Fontanel amphitheatre last night. Montgomery Gentry, Gretchen Wilson and special guest John Rich presented by Logan's Roadhouse drew a packed house on a beautiful evening at the scenic venue. . . and then the clouds opened up.

Newcomer trio The Farm opened the show at 7:00 p.m. Rain started to fall when John Rich took the stage, but no one seemed to mind. Gretchen Wilson could have changed her opening smash number "Here For The Party" to "Here For The Rain", as the rains fell even heavier through her set. But the people stayed. When Montgomery Gentry took the stage, they gave the water-logged fans a 70-minute show they won't soon forget.

Still soaked from her own set, Gretchen donned a rain coat and headed out into the audience to enjoy her buddies, Eddie and Troy, on stage. In order to get a better vantage point, she climbed on the shoulders of her manager, Marc Oswald. They worked their way to the front of the crowd, where Gretchen climbed on stage and helped MG finish one of their last songs.

"By all accounts this was beyond successful for our first major concert event at The Woods," said Oswald, who also co-owns The Fontanel. "Not only did we again see how wild, crazy and dedicated the country music fans are in Nashville, but it gave us the opportunity to see how this beautiful new facility and our staff held up under very adverse conditions." A spokesman for Fontanel stated.

The Woods at Fontanel is a new outdoor venue on the grounds at Fontanel, 4225 White’s Creek Pike in White’s Creek. Unlike anywhere else in Nashville, the Woods at Fontanel is an outdoor music venue with a capacity for 2500 guests. Featuring state-of-the-art sound and a cozy wooded setting, the natural amphitheatre space of the White's Creek valley will be the must-see (and must-hear!) venue of the South.

Also included was a fall festival featuring local arts and crafts, a large display of vintage tractors for everone to view, eat and enjoy.

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SPECIAL THANK YOU to KAREN HAMPTON for taking photographs for Moments By Moser / Digital Rodeo.

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