INTERVIEW: Darius Rucker for "Alright"

Darius Rucker and co-writer Frank Rogers recently took a little time out to visit with media during the #1 celebration for "Alright", Rucker’s third straight #1 hit song off of his current project. Members of the media were invited to a private Q & A session prior to the awards presentation at ASCAP on August 25th.
Q. I would like to know a little more about the hospitalization stories that revolve around this song.
DR: [laughs] We started to write the song, the first verse, and I wasn’t feeling good and went to the hospital to find out I had an infection that started in my knee. Then with the second verse we had my neighbor’s and their kids over. We have this big fish tank and I was in the other room and I heard a loud crash. My neighbor’s kid had pulled the fish tank over and it landed on her face. It’s crazy that every time we get together some disaster happens. This song took two disasters for us to write it.
Q. How did you guys get together to write this song?
DR: There’s a song on the record called “All I want” and Frank was sent out to me so I could meet him to decided if he would produce the record or not. When he came out we were sitting around talking and we wrote “All I Want”, but I didn’t want to record it. When we started writing a lot Frank told me he hadn’t written for years and we had so many wonderful things coming from it. I just wondered why he hadn’t written for so long. When creating this record it wasn’t about getting #1’s; it was about a career, it was about being able to produce another record. I thought we created a special record and a lot of “special records” people don’t ever hear, I thought I was going to be put in that category. To be able to sell a million records now, when selling a million records means something, that’s something special.
Q. Are you already looking ahead to this next year with things you want to accomplish?
DR: We’re already looking to put out another record, but we’re not in any rush to get to the studio. We’ll go when we’re ready.
Q. As a golf fan and you touring all over the country, are there any courses you’ve sought out and hope to go back again?
DR: Yeah every day. I’ve been able to play with Joe Don Rooney [from Rascal Flatts] a few times. It’s pretty easy to get to play on a course when you play with a guy from Rascal Flatts. We play some pretty nice courses and that’s one of the best things about touring.
Q. What is your favorite course?
DR: AUGUSTA! We’ll just leave it at that. There’s no other course like Augusta.
Q. How does the third number one feel compared to the first number one coming into the country music format?
DR: I didn’t actually think that they were going to be #1’s, but this third one it was more special because it was like I was really part of the family.
Q. With three number ones do you feel like you’re no longer an outsider?
DR: Absolutely! I feel more like a country artist than anything else. I’m happy to be where I am.
Q. With college football right around the corner, do you have any predictions?
DR: I’d say Florida. They’ll go undefeated.
Q. Any predictions for NFL?
DR: I’m going to go with the Patriots and the Sea Hawks.
Q. What makes you and Frank such a good team, speaking of teams?
DR: Well first Frank wants me to sing and secondly when I get bored doing a vocal he knows exactly what to say. Most of the stuff you hear on the record comes from Frank and what he has said. We just get along really well and when we first met it was like we had known each other our entire lives.
Q. You’ve had quite the busy week with your platinum party and the Opry, but what has been most memorable to you?
DR: Last night playing the show at the Opry; seeing people stand up for an hour and a half at the Opry was pretty amazing. The highlight however will be tonight when I stand up behind that sign that says WSM on the Grand Ole Opry stage and sing my three songs.

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