ARTICLE: Keith Urban Celebrates His 10th #1 Hit

BMI, Capitol Nashville and Borman Entertainment co-hosted a very special event for an artist known for his hit songs, abilities to make a guitar come alive and a person who has the charm and charisma uniquely his own. Keith Urban has created a niche in the music business of playing his own guitar licks on his projects and writing many of his own songs. He is a superstar who is also humble, kind and extremely grateful for all of the success he has had, and does not forget those who helped him achieve it.

Prior to the private invitation only celebration, an intimate press conference was held for media which was precluded with some confounding statistics about Urban’s musical career. If you put even one of these songs, back-to-back, one million times, it would be the equivalent of six solid years of airplay.

Each of the following seven songs have generated one million performances apiece:

“Better Life”
“I Told You So”
“It’s A Love Thing”
“You’re My Better Half”
“Tonight I Wanna Cry”
and “Everybody”

If you think those numbers are staggering, imagine two million performances each:

“Who Wouldn’t Want To Be Me”
“But For The Grace Of God”
and “Days Go By”

But it does not stop with these mind blowing figures. “Somebody Like You” has hit a record breaking three million performances which is in the same class as Dolly Parton’s “Nine To Five”, Hank Williams’ “Your Cheatin’ Heart” and the Beatles “Can’t Buy Me Love.” Keith Urban is in the company of legends.

When asked how this makes him feel Keith replies, “It is a tremendous feeling. I still remember the first time I heard my song on the radio, I was putting gas in my car and I rolled the windows down so I could listen while I pumped my gas. That same feeling is still there. To be included in the numbers game with these statistics is absolutely astounding.”

Awards from BMI and Capitol were presented to Urban, his publisher and his producer. Keith also gave a special thank you to his wife Nicole Kidman, who was on hand to support her husband’s accolades, and a genuine gift of appreciation was given to Justin Niebank for his collaboration and engineer contributions. In true Keith Urban fashion, he mentioned awards he had made for the musicians to which he joked he would hand deliver to their homes while he was there to mow their yards and wash their cars, which garnered laughter from the crowd. A party to celebrate such milestones would not be complete without music, and on that note, a six song set was performed by Keith and his band to close out the celebration.

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