ARTICLE: Faith Hill #1 Party at ASCAP

(Above: L - R Craig Wiseman, KK Wiseman, XXX, Tim Nichols, Faith Hill and Dan Huff receive plaques in honor of the #1 song
"A Baby Changes Everything")

Faith Hill was on hand as ASCAP celebrated #1 Hit "A Baby Changes Everything" with songwriters Craig Wiseman, KK Wiseman and Tim Nichols. A project that took many twists and turns along the way. While the three were enjoying conversation at a casino in Tunica, the song was conceived amist a comment about an upcoming sermon being prepared by KK Wiseman, who is also a minister. Written and pitched to Faith in 2004, it took several years before the song was included on Faith's Christmas album, but according to the three writers, was well worth the wait. Nichols spoke about conceiving the song in a casino amongst laughter from those in attendence and Rev. Wiseman quickly added that they were there "looking for sinners."

Faith was very gracious and appreciative to the songwriters, and made the statement, "I really understand what you give up by allowing a song to be held that long. ... Never have I recorded a song that's received so many comments from so many people. ... Songs do change people's lives, and I believe this song is capable of that."

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