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Moments By Moser Photography captures the moments to create memories for a variety of Corporate and Private Events, Weddings, Industry Awards, Conferences and Live Performances; as well as portraits for CD Covers and Artist Portfolios.

What are the biggest changes you see happening in your industry? And how do they impact you?
The digital photography is by far the biggest challenge we face. It is a catch 22. Great as it makes our work streamlined and efficient; but in the same breath so many people now “think” they are a photographer and it has hampered our professionalism. Poor work ethics, lack of business skill and price slashing impacts us as a whole. 

What do you want people to know about your work?
We take pride in treating each client as if they were our only one. Our turn around time on delivery is fast and professional. Pricing is competitive but fair. We have been in business over 15 years!

What are your biggest goals?
Our biggest goals would be to build a larger than life photography studio with permanent and sliding backgrounds, lighting etc. Realistic "at the moment goals" are to grow with changes in our industry concerning the digital explosion and continue to strive to meet expectations of our clients.

Finally, who should contact you and why?
Event planners, publicicsts or management, brides, families, producers, event venues … anyone who wants images made! That is a lot of people!! 

What sets you apart from competition?
The biggest thing we know of that sets us apart is what you get for your hard earned money in comparison to many other “package deal” photographers; is not even comparable. Most give you a small set number of images out of the 1000’s taken .. we give you the 1000’s!

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