MUSIC ROW MAGAZINE: In Photos: Tin Pan South 2014′s Wednesday Shows

• March 27, 2014 •
Station Inn Late  Wednesday 3.26.14  Moments By Moser 84
Station Inn’s Late Show on Wednesday, March 26. Photo: Moments By Moser

Special guests abounded at last night’s (Wednesday, March 26) round of Tin Pan South 2014 shows. Jan Howard made an appearance at the Late Show at Station Inn, while Jewel filled in for Jamie Spears at the Bluebird Cafe (Spears was on her honeymoon). Nashville actor Sam Palladio (who portrays Gunnar) performed with the Rutledge early show, and brought along fellow cast members Chaley Rose (who plays Zoey Dalton), and Aubrey Peeples (who plays Layla Grant).
Last night’s shows featured the likes of Tom Douglas, Brett Jones, Dave Turnbull, Marty Dodson, Liz Rose, Lisa Carver, Josh Dorr, Chase Bryant, Vince Gill, Sherrie Austin, Steve Bogard, Leslie Satcher, Larry Gatlin, Justin Wilson, Rob Hatch, Buddy Jewel, Jeff Bates, Billy Yates, Jessi Alexander, Josh Kear, Sarah Zimmermann and Justin Davis of Striking Matches, Karyn Rochelle, John & Jacob, Craig Campbell, and numerous other incredibly talented singer-songwriters.
See below for photos from last night’s shows. All photos by Moments By Moser.

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