Spotlight On

Kenny Davin Fine

Physician-Musician on a Mission
  Six Sides of Service   

An Educational, Entertaining and Very Much Enjoyed Showcase!
Presented by PLA Media & Wynne Productions, Inc.
HEALTH SEMINAR 4:30-5:30 PM   

SONGS & STORIES 7:00-8:00 PM
A modern day renaissance man, Dr. Kenny Davin Fine has found a way to live out his two passions; music and health care. Through his music and educational seminars he spreads a message of health, happiness and hope across the globe. His album, titled “First DeKade,” was released and celebrated at a May 23rd CD release showcase at the famous Hard Rock Café in Nashville.   The unique flair he  adds to  his music  puts  him in a category all his own. The Gluten Seminar followed by a performance created a CD release party that was both educational and entertaining and very much enjoyed!      
Photos:  Moments by Moser
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