A very special moment on Cooper's Kitchen with Cooper Boone and Julie Roberts

Cooper's Kitchen started off as a silly video that Hollywood Music Award winner Cooper Boone and his buddy Will Knox put on YouTube. When he won the Hollywood Music Award in 2008, he was asked by several agencies about "that cooking show". A light went off in his head and now two years in the making and with a great team put together, it has evolved into where his two loves live...music and food. There is cooking, singing, and laughter. It's where you get served up some down home cooking with a side of music!

Cooper Boone has shared the stage with Craig Morgan, Trace Adkins, Angela Kaset, Anthony Krizan (Spin Doctors), The Bacon Brothers and has co-written two albums worth of award winning songs. He's now combining his two passions of music and cooking and has created the hit webisode series, Cooper's Kitchen,

Cooper started cooking as a latchkey kid in his Midwest home of hot-dish country. As he grew, so did his list of ingredients - from rice and Velveeta, to the more nuanced flavors of Artisan butter, rosemary, grass-fed beef and chipotle peppers. His cooking leaves the barn doors open for inspiration while resting on tried and true family recipes.

In the kitchen and in life, Boone always has more than a few pots cooking on the range. Born in the Mississippi River valley in southern Minnesota to a family of teachers, he earned his doctorate and practiced psychology with the New York City poor for many years. In his late 30's, Boone circled back to his long-standing passions of music and food.

While Nashville was recovering from the devastation of the flooding in May, Cooper organized a fundraiser which was held on May 24th at The Bitter End in NYC. Fans came from all over and the ones who could not come in person also donated. It was a very memorable evening. He chose to give the money raised directly to another country singer-songwriter that was affected by the flood; one who’s story really touched his heart.” I was raised with the value of being a community steward...giving to others is in my chemistry....it's just something I do." says Cooper.

 On a recent special taping of Coopers Kitchen in Nashville, Cooper invited country star Julie Roberts and her mom, Lucy, to join him on the show and presented her with a check from the fundraiser. “I had such a great time with Julie and her Mom Lucy. We laughed so much my face hurt by the end of the taping. Julie has such a great sense of humor coupled with deep deep sincerity. My new goal in life is to get Lucy's meatloaf recipe!"

Julie responded with “Meeting Cooper Boone and cooking with him and Mama was one of the most memorable moments in the kitchen for me! We made two appetizers that Mama and I are definitely going to use for our Christmas gatherings this year! We are very thankful for Cooper inviting us on his show and also for the gift he gave to us to help rebuild our home. He is a true blessing and we hope to cook with him again!! Yes, Mama is going to teach him how to make meatloaf next time!!!”

During this episode the two country crooners cooked up some special and tasty bacon appetizers..... Devil's on Horseback and Sweet Piggies. (you can find the recipe’s by following these links: http://cooperskitchenusa.com/devils-on-horseback-recipe  and http://cooperskitchenusa.com/sweet-piggies-recipe )

The special webisode program which has become known for cooking and singing would not be complete without a tune or two, and they chose to perform Julie’s hit song “Break Down Here” for this show.

Please make sure you visit: http://www.cooperskitchenusa.com/  and look for this special show, but also check out past episodes as well.

For more information on Cooper Boone visit http://www.cooperboone.com/

For more information on Julie Roberts visit http://www.julieroberts.com/  

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