ARTICLE: An Intimate Evening with Joe Bonsall

A very special night for Joe Bonsall; gathering friends together to celebrate the release and signing of his latest literary work on Journey Press (an imprint of Sheaf House Publishers LLC) entitled “From His Perspective”. The intimate evening was held at the Uptown Smoke Shop in Nashville where the special guests also were entertained with a listen to Joe & friends pickin’ some homespun Bluegrass [Stephen Mougin - guitar; Ned Luberecki - Banjo; David Thomas - Bass; Carl Caldwell - Mandolin; Jon Martin - Bass, Joe Bonsall - Banjo; Scott Partridge – Guitar].

Luberecki and Bonsall met during a flight over eight years ago when the Oak Ridge Boys tenor made a tongue-in-cheek humorous comment about Luberecki’s banjo case as he slid it into the overhead storage which then led to the two engaging in conversation and Ned encouraging Bonsall to take up banjo picking. Fast forward and the two reunite in surprise at the intimate gathering and for the first time get to pick together.

From My Perspective is a collection of commentaries written by Joseph S. Bonsall, tenor and songwriter for the legendary Oak Ridge Boys, on subjects ranging from banjos to barn swallows. Each is written in Joe’s energetic, straightforward, and engaging style. He shares moments with celebrity friends, such as the late Johnny Cash and Dottie Rambo, and relates stories from his thirty-five years on the road with the Boys. A bonus short story by the author is included at the end. No matter what the subject, Joe’s entertaining reflections on life, music, patriotism, and God are often witty, sometimes sentimental, and always insightful.

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