Local Media, Artists, National Guard Show Support For Singer-Soldier-Songwriter Darby Ledbetter at BMI Event

A packed house turned out Friday, Jan. 22 at the Nashville BMI offices to recognize singer-soldier-songwriter Darby Ledbetter for his ongoing 10-year service in the National Guard and his emerging career as a Country artist.  Following in the footsteps of artists like Kid Rock and Three Doors Down, Ledbetter is only the third artist chosen by the National Guard to have one of his songs, (“I Won’t Let My Guard Down”) chosen for a national movie theater ad campaign.  Ledbetter is preparing to deploy for his fourth combat tour overseas, with plans to release his debut album, Soldier Up, in the near future.
Photo Credit: Bev Moser, Moments By Moser
National Guardsman and Country singer Darby Ledbetter poses with several artists at his media event at BMI on Friday, Jan. 22.  L to R: Lee Roy (The Roys), Lane Brody, Ledbetter, Elaine Roy (The Roys), Aaron Tippin, Ty Williams.
Darby Ledbetter
National Guardsman and Country singer Darby Ledbetter (c) poses with Dewayne Brown (left; Label & Artist Development, RED Distribution) and international promoter Judy Seale
(right; President, Judy Seale Entertainment) at his media event, held at the BMI offices last Friday, Jan. 22.
Darby Ledbetter

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