Like many of the musicians, singers and songwriters on music row, they are transplants to Music City who come with a song in their heart and a dream of making a living doing what they love. Greg Friia is no different and after a lot of hard work he is seeing his dreams come true.

Greg moved from Maryland to Nashville in 2001. It was a visit to the Bluebird Cafe a year earlier that really put his dreams into perspective. He knew where he needed to be and from that moment on has dreamed of playing his own show at the infamous Bluebird Café. Saturday July 11th, those dreams became reality as Greg performed in the round with Mersaidee Soules, Brooke Martin, Leslie Martin and Tom Manning. When asked how it felt to reach this milestone, Friia commented, “All good things really do come to those who wait!” He also noted the highlight of the evening was “having so many friends there to celebrate with me, some of whom traveled over 700 miles to be there.”

Stories of how the songs came to be and tongue in cheek humor go hand in hand with songwriter rounds, and as he lead into a new song he recently penned, Friia hinted he would love to get this song into Trisha Yearwood’s hands, or better yet, hear it sung from her mouth. “Ain’t Good At Leavin’” is a poignant and emotional song about life, death and love and not being prepared to leave behind those we are close too. If there was a dry eye in the room when he finished it would be amazing.

Also included in his debut night was a love song called “Where Beautiful Begins” a song co-written with Dave Berg which was a very simple, honest and heartfelt song about love and how it should be. "There in the quiet of your smile, love that makes it all worthwhile. The feel of your touch on my skin, that's where beautiful begins. Out where a line's drawn in the sand, the world can't get to where I am. Back in your arms again...where beautiful begins."
Friia is a writer who sings from deep in his soul, bringing a meaningful storyline to life with a melody. He can sing and write, and you can tell he loves what he does whether it is a deep and meaningful song or fun and whimsical tune he has called “Eeny Meny Miny Moe” which is on the new Brady Seals album which is to be released in mid-August.

After living in Nashville nearly eight years, he has had the opportunity to write with some of the finest Music City has to offer, and generously gives his time and experience to some of the upcoming tunesmith’s. His first co-write with Kris Bergsnes delivered “What Lonely People Know” which made the 2008 Top Songs List and was among the songs performed for Friia’s first show at the Bluebird Café. Friia is oftentimes found playing writer nights at Edgehill Studios Café and The Listening Room Café performing songs he has written or co-written with other singer / songwriters such as Dillon Dixon, Felix Cavaliere, Lisa Carver, Will Champlin and George Noriega.

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Jack Sutter said...

Greg,You are the greatest.We see a wonderful career budding.We loved your performance at the Bluebird and know things are on the up swing.
Also thankyou for showing us a great time in Nashville.We enjoyed every minute of it.We hope we didn't take up too much of your time,We checked out without any garage fee so thank Stephen for us.The hotel was beautiful and we met some great people ,our age,at the lounge during jazz night.
Keep us posted on your latest news.
We love you.
Jay and Jack