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Media Days In Nashville Finds Daryle Singletary Interviewing For New Album Release Subscribe
Daryle Singletary was in Nashville this week for "Media Days" interviewing with various media outlets and magazines for his new CD release "Rockin' In The Country" on the E1 label.  The buzz and interest is growing within media circles and radio alike regarding the forthcoming-highly anticipated Daryle Singletary album release and the new single "Love You With The Lights On" that is now playing on Country radio across the USA.

Among the media interviews conducted with Daryle at Fun House Studios/Nashville were; Today’s Country Magazine contact: Jeffrey Kurtis, Nashville Country Club contact: Leslie Armstrong, Strum Magazine contact: Chrstina Midgett, Roughstock.com contact: Matthew Bjorke, CountryHound.com, Digital Rodeo contact: Bev Moser, and Cornerstone Entertainment "Give A Living Rose" contact: Roxanne.

When asked of Chuck Rhodes, Director of E1 Music/Nashville Division, he says; "The interviews went great and the media and radio people are extremely excited about the new single and the new CD, just as we are here at the label."

The above interviews will be available online and in print soon.  Check back here often for further Daryle Singletary updates as the release date of "Rockin' In The Country" nears.

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