CD Reviews: Dierks Bently, Eric Church and Megan Munroe

Dierks Bentley
Feel That Fire

Capitol Records

After two years in the making, Dierks Bentley has a new project ready to go, and it is as hot as ever. Just in time for those itching for warm weather and a new season, this CD is fresh and new and will continue to push Bentley towards more awards and accolades. This is a must for your collection, and one that will withstand longevity.

We have already gotten a taste of the CD with “Feel That Fire,” but this CD challenges the listener to be more optimistic in a world that seems to be in it’s darkest hour with “Beautiful World,” a song about looking for the silver lining and good in the bad. “Better Believer” is another song with a meaningful message and was written by Bentley with Music Row’s Rivers Rutherford. The song reminds us all to look upward and say thanks during the good times and not only when we need a prayer to get us through the tough times.

1. Life On The Run
2. Sideways
3. Feel That Fire
4. I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes
5. Here She Comes, Here We Go
6. I Can’t Forget Her
7. Beautiful World
8. Little Heartwrecker
9. You Hold Me Together
10. Better Believer
11. Pray
12. Last Call

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Eric Church
Capitol Records

Not afraid to take chances, Eric Church will soon be releasing his sophomore album, this one a little more cheery and optimistic than the tone of his first CD. Church has his own sound which has rendered him a following of very dedicated fans, fans who will not be let down with this project.

“Young and Wild” is an anthem song and the name for his current tour promoting the upcoming release, speaking of antics of a young man finding himself and discovering who he is. The title cut, “Carolina,” takes you back in his memories and how we always carry a part of where we come from in our hearts. The single “Love Your Love The Most” will become a song of dedication and requested often on radio. It is so well written and the production showcases the vocal talent of the artist.

1. Ain’t Killed Me Yet
2. Lotta Boot Left To Fill
3. Young And Wild
4. Where She Told Me To Go
5. Longer Gone
6. Love Your Love The Most
7. Smoke A Little Smoke
8. Without You Here
9. You Make It Look So Easy
10. Carolina
11. Hell On The Heart
12. Those I’ve Loved

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Megan Munroe
One More Broken String
Diamond Music Group

Megan Munroe grew up in Washington in a home where you were encouraged to use your imagination and follow your dreams, something Munroe has mastered. This CD is her first nationally released project, but she has been entertaining since an early age and followed her dream of acting at the young age of 17, when she moved to California.

One More Broken String was self-penned with co-writer Brian Oaks on all but one song, “Bellemeade,” that Munroe wrote alone. The overall tone of this album reflects the dreamer and believer that makes up the persona of the artist as you get a true taste of her creative blood and imaginative songwriting abilities. A voice that is fresh and grabs your ear as you listen, we will definitely be hearing more from this gal.

1. Angel On My Shoulder (Devil On My Back)
2. Nothing Is Easy Anymore
3. Moonshine
4. Pennies In The Ocean
5. Leavin’ Memphis
6. Angel On Fire
7. Good Fight
8. Shameless Fool
9. Perfect Storm
10. Bellemeade
11. Speechless

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